Tracey Lin Miller
On the Path to Understanding
April 9, 2013

As is often the case with me, one tiny thing will bit of knowledge will open as a big screen in my mind, showing me how it relates and connects first to this thing, then that and another, until I’m standing in my mind, jaw dropped and in awe of the end result. This time it was a picture of the non-biodegradable, toxic garbage littering our environment.

I’m sure you’ve been out and about, enjoying your journey when suddenly you are aware of all of the plastic packaging that is everywhere. Similarly, you may have been out digging in your garden and find some type of fabric that is in the ground, filthy, maybe even tattered, but it isn’t rotting. Everywhere you turn; there are synthetic, man-made products that are not deteriorating as they should. What this means, is that our environment is filled with these type of products that are not breaking down in the normal way that they should.

Going back to the big screen picture in my mind, I realized that this is more then likely the case for any and all man-made or altered chemical processes that are unnatural. The environment does not have the capacity to handle these unnatural formations. Everything and everything else is connected by the fact that it is formed from Earth products; then along comes someone that things they can do a better job then Mother Earth, formulates this bigger and better product, utilizes it in many different ways, then, five, ten, fifty years later, someone realizes that it is toxic and harmful to all beings and the earth.

We’ve seen this with pesticides, fertilizers and in this moment, companies like Monsanto are being hit with a barrage of negative publicity and reactions from the general public for being the creator of many of these types of products. We’re finally beginning to understand that there is a connection between these synthesized products and the increases in health issues and environmental changes.

The human body has two ways to remove toxins, as solids or liquids. Things that are “water soluble” (meaning that it is easily dissolved in water) are passed through the kidneys and removed in the urine, which is the reason we need to hydrate plentifully. The other medium of dissolution is Lipophilicity commonly called fat solubility which means that a substance will dissolve in fats or lipids. In the body these are usually passed through the digestive track.

Although I am not a chemist, biologist or biochemist, I can only assume that synthetic bonds formed in the laboratories are artificial and therefore forced into happening by some means other then a natural one or these products would happen naturally in the environment. My question is, if this is the case, then wouldn’t these products need some “special” procedure to break those bonds and allow them to breakdown, decompose and return to their natural chemical states? Since those procedures for breakdown have to be induced by means other then natural ones, what does it mean for us if those synthetic chemicals are introduced into the body? How can our bodies break them down and remove them, if there is no natural process to do so?

It seems, like in my mind on my big screen, I am getting a clearer picture of the human body becoming a toxic dump for all of these artificial, synthetic and unnatural chemical formations. I think that if we are lucky, maybe they will dissipate over time the way that they tell us the infamous chemically manufactured poison DDT has in the environment. Of course this breakdown only happened after many years and after the product had been banned world wide. In the case of the products that we ingest with many of these chemicals, they are still on the shelves at our local grocery stores. So what can we do about it?

Well it has been proven historically, that fighting the powers in control of these things are extremely expensive and a long battle. This reactionary stance brings too little, too late usually to be of great benefit to all. Therefore, only a proactive stance will be fully effective. The same energy that is being or might be invested in the reactive battle can do much greater good by utilizing proactive and productive means.

Production is the key here. We must return to producing as many of our own products as possible using only natural resources. As we become less independent on the mega producers for our needs, the more they will be forced to conform to our choice of organic and natural products. Growing our own food using heritage and seeds which are non-GMO or hybrid, and growing them in an organic soil will return the quality and nutritional value to our food. We can manufacture our clothing from natural products as well, like cotton and bamboo. It is our choice: we can take control or allow our bodies, our environment to continue to be toxic dumps.

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