The Importance of Rituals

I wonder how many of us think about the rituals we perform daily. We get up in the morning brush your teeth, shower make a breakfast, and off to work. We don’t think about how we started these rituals , we just do them almost automatically every day. As I was laying in bed on this lazy Saturday morning, I was thinking about my abilities as a big procrastinator. The reason I was thinking about it is because I have so many things to do all the time and I really must organize my time each day in order to get things done. Of course I never do this, and randomly Flite from thing to thing in a hit or miss fashion, and by the end of the day I am a little perturbed with myself for failing to do half of the things I want to. Needless to say, this is about the only ritual I really have.

These random thoughts, are the reason I begin thinking of rituals and their importance in our lives. I’ve determined that the only way I’m going to overcome my procrastination is to develop rituals and implement them daily. Since I’m considering doing this, and I am aware of how much energy I put into not doing things, I decided that I should start my ritual list this morning, before leaving bed.

The first order of business, what’s the side where I’m going to place to list with it gets done . That was an easy one, as we all know where we head as soon as we hit the floor. So I decided to tape it on the wall across from the commode in the bathroom. Here, I will never fail to see it, unless I develop the selective awareness that is part and parcel of my procrastinating.

Now that I’ve decided on a location, I have to make the list. The most difficult  things are the ones we hate or fear doing the most and should be first on my list. These include exercise and housework, both need to be at the top of my list are they won’t get done that day.

The next thing is menu planning. I like to eat, whatever I feel like eating, whenever I’m hungry . The problem with this is that instead of eating three or four small meals and snacks in between, I end up eating a small meal everytime I eat. Of course over time this adds up to weight gain ; so rather than losing weight and getting in shape, I’m getting more out of shape and bigger! As you can see there is definitely a need for rituals in my day.

Well let’s just say, I’ve started my list which includes blogging everyday, and I’m off to a good start on this great Saturday  morning !

Much love and respect for all of you, have a great day!

P. S. Don’t forget, today is Saturday, the day off cleansing , and rejuvenation!

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I know its been awhile since I’ve blogged , but as usual I’m biting off more than I can can chew. If I hadn’t told you, I started back to school again last month and decided to take off the entire month of May in order to determine how much of my attention would be necessary to get the work done. It seems like it’s not going to be as difficult as I thought . That means that perhaps I can start blogging again on a regular basis.

I really had an awesome month in school. I’m taking US history from 1865 forward , proving to be quite interesting. I never had an interest is history previously, I’m fighting it to be quite awesome. I don’t know if it’s because I’m older, more flexible in my thinking, or if history book so just written better, but I’m truly enjoying this class. That’s far, I’ve been getting excellent grades and if the next couple of years go as smoothly I’ll be okay.

Unfortunately, I’ve been neglecting everything else. Hopefully, I’ll soon have more time, and develop the skills to utilize some of these software products I’ve purchased: they were meant to make my life easier but, I haven’t taken the time to learn to use them.

As an example, I’m currently recording this blog vocally to see how it will come out. I’m more comfortable writing out everything , therefore, at present its difficult to complete an entire sentence talking to my Android. It definitely takes a little getting used to.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to develop my skills in till I utilize the software effectively . So take your time till the next time.
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I was born a kind, loving and compassionate person, as I am sure we all are. The indoctrination we receive pushes this aspect of ourselves down into a place which makes it hard to see sometimes. With the help of those who have already been infused with the negative aspects of life and living they aide and abet those forces that shape us into being so much less.

I was recently watching a movie which showed a young woman who had been in private school all of her life. This movie was set in Montana in the 1960s. The woman, returning home to a life she thought she remembered, lived by the rules she had learned before she left. Those rules were built upon trust and compassion of those of the same race; in this case Native American. One day, while hitch-hiking a ride back home, the two men who had provided this aid became aggressive and tried to force her to drink alcohol, which she refused. The passenger jumped into the back seat where she was riding and attempted to assault her. Fortunately, she was able to open the door and threw herself from the moving car. When the men realized that she was not apparently injured, they sped off. The thought which came into my mind was: “Now she’s had an experience that has moved her from trust to fear.”

This thought was the catalyst that allowed me to understand how we are wounded and change to accommodate fear inducing experiences. In the case of the aforementioned young woman, this experience led her to become promiscuous and a drug and alcohol abuser. Of course there were several other variables involved, but this is not about her story, but, mine. I realized that I too, had become changed by my experiences and the fear that they induced. With this in mind, I immediately became introspective and decided that I would peel the layers of scared and wounded coverings from my psyche.

While beginning this work, I realized that this process had been happening on an unconscious level for some time now. The synchronicity of being influenced to watch this movie and have the profound thought which I had, were merely a matter of my subconscious self bringing the scope of its work to awareness. With awareness I begin working in harmony with my subconscious self to maximize the effects exponentially.

I called to mind the child I had been before all of the things that influenced me into changing had taken place. I remembered my loving, compassionate and loved self. I remembered my astounding appreciation for all things. I remembered! This awareness opened a well of desire to be that self which I perceive as my true essence and I wanted it!

I realized that some of those attributes had not changed; my generosity of spirit and my giving nature, for example. They had survived in spite of my experiences. Another thing I am aware of is that I have remained a loving person; unafraid to love no matter the cruelties I suffered at the hands of those I loved. In spite of everything, I had not become afraid to love. This gave me an exorbitant pride, that my capacity to love had never changed. I decided that I would be that loving person all the time and not just to those I brought into my immediate circle. I now express that love to everyone.

I think a lot of people think I’m affecting this behavior; that I don’t feel the love and affection that I express everywhere I am, but in reality, it is me doing what I do best.

There perceptions don’t have an effect on me as I am well aware of who I am. I also understand that this sort of response is merely their wounded selves being suspicious and afraid to accept without fear that which I freely give. In this understanding, I know that they are changelings as I use to be.




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small live oak tree

April 22, 2013 – New Orleans has the most wonderful Quercus Virginiana, commonly called, live oak trees! Some of them are hundreds of years old with large, swooping branches bigger around then the body of a grown man, with dips and curves large enough to hold a person so that they can curl up and read a book. I know, I did this many times as a child.

About six years ago while visiting with my daughter and her children, we had the opportunity to visit a ranch in southern Texas which was a peaceful place that was also a haven for rescued animals. Some of the inhabitants (besides foster children) were pot belly pigs, blind horses, a rambunctious female boxer and a vast variety of trees. In a moment of child-like enthusiasm, I suggested that my grandchildren climb trees. Imagine my chagrin to find out that they didn’t know how to climb trees! Of course, even though in my late 50’s at the time, I had to teach them to climb trees! This was not only fun, but hilarious as I am very much overweight! I eventually had to give up my position as leader of the pack to my daughter who then proceeded to teach them how to reach the higher branches.

As a child in New Orleans, I often liked being by myself and had many places to hide in order to do so. I have always been a prolific reader as well and in those times of seeking quietude, often had a book with me, as well as my loyal and trusty dog, Neil, a brown merle mutt of unclear origin. Neil and I were tightly bound psychically, but that’s for another story. One of our favorite places was AudubonPark in New Orleans as we lived only four or five blocks from it. This was the perfect place for many of my childhood adventures and I spent many wonderful hours here.

Audubon Park has a vast variety of foliage, including many of the giant live oaks that I mentioned. These were some of my places of hiding while reading my books. I would swing myself up onto the lower sweeping branches with their huge curves, make myself comfortable there, and spend a late morning reading into the afternoon or evening. Such a joyous and wondrous time for a young girl of a vast and insatiable curiosity that could only be satisfied within a book! As a matter of fact, I do believe that books are the parent of this curiosity and the succor for it; this is probably the reason for dragging my grand-kids to the library as their first duty when they come to visit, I want to awaken the joy of books in them as it has been in me for all of my life. I digress again.

As I think of books and trees, forever part of my life, I am realizing the parallel of books and the trees that they come from and find it awe inspiring that I have a connection to both the living and dead aspect of trees as their pulp is used to manufacture the paper which books are printed upon. Nonetheless, in this moment, we are celebrating the live tree, as harbingers of magical and wonderful moments when they become a child’s hammock for reading, a mast of an ocean going vessel, a place to hide from wild animals or a tower to scout for the enemy. Trees have long been magical in spiritualism, religion, folklore and both adult and children’s imaginations. Needless to say, it behooves me to know why a child does not know how to climb a tree!

Granted a tree is a rare for a child in a city as more and more of them are cut down to make room for our ever growing population and industry. When parks are available, tree climbing is not one of the reasons they are utilized. The children of today are missing out on the powerful healing energy of tree climbing and are cut off from an opportunity to bond with trees and nature. I ask; is there any wonder they have no respect for nature?

In my opinion, as trees are living things with their own unique energy, and since energies are constantly combining, sharing and becoming part of each other, a symbiosis is formed in doing so. This, I believe, lends to a feeling of connectivity among different organisms which in turn, opens our feelings of love and compassion for other entities. If this bonding doesn’t take place, then those key connections are not open and empathy is at a minimum or nonexistent. This is a theory that I hold regarding our inability to take care of our own species, let alone any other. The fact that we no longer climb trees as a natural art form is evident of something of great importance being lost.

The thing about climbing trees is that it instills confidence, lessens fears and gives us a sense of personal pride in accomplishment as well as the aforementioned opening of the imagination and wonder, creating a sense of connection to other species and sharing of energies. In fact, many caretakers inspire fear and other negatives by preventing tree climbing. The caretakers’ fear of the child being harmed is passed on to the child. If the child is attempting to climb a tree and the effort is aborted by the caretaker, the child is then left with unfulfilled desires, a feeling that in climbing the tree they had somehow done something wrong and other unhealthy feelings and attitudes.

Perhaps at this point you’re thinking I’m out of my mind; yet, when we take into consideration how the tiniest thing can build or tear down the character of a developing child, who is to say that the probability of developing strong positive character through tree climbing is not a worthwhile theory to pursue? Indeed, it may be a cure for some of the broken characters of a few adults! It is definitely my goal to climb a few trees, and in lieu of that, hug a few trees before the day is over!


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Tracey Lin Miller


On the Path to Understanding

April 20, 2013

            I rarely become ill. It is one of the great blessings of my life. I sometimes think it is because I changed all of my health karma before I was five years old with a strep infection which elevated into rheumatic fever and kept my mom in emergency rooms when my temperature would fire up to 105 degrees. Thank goodness for karmic change.

What I do have a plethora of are physical malfunctions. My definition of a physical malfunction is anything which causes any part or system of the body to behave in a way that is no in correlation to its designated function. This will be more easily understood as I begin to list my numerous malfunctions, all of them diagnosed by medical exams which included physical, chemical, MRI, CAT scans, x-rays, endoscopic examinations, and other means of testing, checking and determining the actual functions of the body’s organs. It is best to begin at the beginning therefore I will list this in order from head to foot.


HEAD – Migraine headaches, PTSD, Anxiety, tinnitus, sleep apnea (CNS and obstructive), cataracts

NECK – Cervical arthritis C-6, C-7, esophageal flap leak (makes me choke)


SHOULDERS- Arthritis, severe bone wearing of collarbone, frozen right shoulder, bone spurs on collarbone and shoulder bone.

CHEST – hypoventilation, thoracic vertebrae bone spurs, arthritis, irregular heartbeat.

STOMACH – G.E.R.D, diverticulosis, Irritable bowel syndrome, colon polyps (removed at time of colonoscopy have one each time colonoscopy is done)

HIPS – Bursitis
LEGS – Difficulty standing from sitting position or sitting from standing (elevator muscles don’t work)

FEET – Edema, Plantar faciitis, bone spurs, numb feet, tops, bottoms and toes.
SPINE – Degenerative Spine/Disc Disease

BODY – Diabetic neuropathy, all myelin sheaths of nerves damaged, Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity


I think this covers everything!



As you can see, the list of malfunctions reads like a What’s-What of what can go wrong with the human body. As a profound believer in the theory of cause and effect I did a careful exploration of each of these malfunctions and my personal history and decided that there are several causes for these: Excessive life long stress; Poor posture; and ignorant food choices, including foods and water with inappropriate (for the human body) additives. As I did the research and began to understand more about the malfunctions and approaches to re-invigorating them to perform as designed, I have undertaken a journey to returning them to correct functioning as they were designed.

Thus far I have corrected the thyroid issue, have times when the blood pressure and glucose levels remain normal for small periods of time, eliminated GERD, IBS and migraines.
One of the key ingredients to this rehabilitation is exercise, which has been difficult for me to sustain as it tends to make some of the malfunctions worse when I over indulge. I’m in the process of determining how to define moderation for my body in the condition it is in.
Now the reason I never speak of these malfunctions in their entirety is because I don’t want to be perceived as one seeking sympathy nor complaining about my plight. However, I know that many are enjoying the pleasures of these malfunctions the same as myself and I would like for them to know that when I am giving unsolicited advice, telling them to limit the recounting of their experiences of suffering (it invites more of it by lowering mood and in doing so, immune system function), is not because I’m trying to be mean, without empathy or understanding or any other reason that is not based in fact. I say what I do based upon my 20 years of experience fighting this battle.

I won’t speak on this in totality again, I find it counter-productive. Good health! Happy thoughts! Happy hearts!



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Tracey Lin Miller


On the Path to Understanding

April 15, 2013


While communing with friends today regarding the Boston Marathon disaster, I was in awe of how many people have selective compassion. Selective compassion means you only have compassion for the people you want to have compassion for; those you choose by their falling under the umbrella of your belief system.

Now I’m no angel of mercy, but it seems to me, like love, either you have the capacity for it or you don’t. And if you just happen to have the ability to feel compassion, then it zooms out to encompass everyone, good, bad, positive, negative, evil or angelic.

The reason that I believe this is so is that compassion is the “god” (label it anything you want to) spirit which is in all of us and permeates the universe. Even the most wicked person has it simply because they have life and life is that “god” force within. This being the case, how can we not have compassion for all beings, sentient and insentient?

I perfectly understand that we live in a world that does not teach this, nor one that allows us to feel it since our belief systems are shaped from so many different experiences of choice and indoctrination. I also belief that this is why we have people in the world who are so quick to harm others by thought, word and action, because we have not be taught that we are not separate entities as our singular body mass deludes us into believing, thereby making it easier for us to harm others and have selective compassion.

I’m no different from most of us, I have had to learn to be non-selective in my love and compassion because my life experiences have made me fearful of feeling those things freely. I had to learn that by encasing myself in all of these fears and responding based upon these fears was not conducive to reaching my maximum spiritual potential. So I hope that we all learn to shed our fears as though peeling the layers of an onion until we find the pure spirit of the true self which was designed to give and receive compassion and love without condition.

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Tracey Lin Miller


On the Path to Understanding

April 11, 2013

            The warnings of not forming attachments are prevalent in many teachings. There is good reason for this school of thought as it is believed that in developing these bonds we invite suffering into our lives. The reason for this is as follows:

  1. When we form attachments, we increase our suffering due to our response to the loss of the things we attach to.
  2. Attachments lead to compromising our honor and integrity when we are fearful of the outcome of that loss.

In the first instance, we often form attachments to family, friends, pets, or material goods and gains. When any of those become loss through death, estrangement, theft, or any other means that might be the cause for separation, we suffer the emotional reactions we have in response to these perceived losses.

Secondly, oftentimes we compromise our honor and integrity when we tell lies, cheat, kill or any other behavior which we deem appropriate to prevent the loss of the persons or things we hold in esteem due to our attachment. It is not the bond that is the problem, but our fear of loss.

War is a response to the perception that something we are attached to will be loss, i.e. freedom, life, property, etc.

The attachment to love has been the cause for many criminal acts and the sufferings normally associated with the loss of or feared loss of a love one when one might exhibit jealousy, envy, coveting and the like. Sometimes this drives us to act in a way that is an antithesis to the meaning of loving when we harm the loved one.

The greed associated with the attachment to money can drive one to a life of crime and all forms of immorality to ensure its acquisition.
In light of this concept of loyalties to and affinity for our attachments many of the reactions to this fear of loss can be seen in the onset of wars and other negative reaction to maintain the status quo. Our belief system that is rooted in the erroneous concept of things remaining constant is the fallacy which is the root cause of these negative reactions which embroils us in great suffering.
The same teachings that warn us against attachments also speak to us of the inconstancy of all things. If we accepted this later teaching and implanted it into our belief system, we would quickly understand that loss is inevitable and that resistance to change is at the least a foolish endeavor.  We might grieve, but we would not do everything in our power to try to prevent what we cannot; change.

By accepting the destiny of variance in our circumstances and bonds, we would be capable of maintaining our honor and integrity without compromise and upholding the greater value of the spiritual growth and potential that we must strive for.

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Tracey Lin Miller
On the Path to Understanding
April 9, 2013

As is often the case with me, one tiny thing will bit of knowledge will open as a big screen in my mind, showing me how it relates and connects first to this thing, then that and another, until I’m standing in my mind, jaw dropped and in awe of the end result. This time it was a picture of the non-biodegradable, toxic garbage littering our environment.

I’m sure you’ve been out and about, enjoying your journey when suddenly you are aware of all of the plastic packaging that is everywhere. Similarly, you may have been out digging in your garden and find some type of fabric that is in the ground, filthy, maybe even tattered, but it isn’t rotting. Everywhere you turn; there are synthetic, man-made products that are not deteriorating as they should. What this means, is that our environment is filled with these type of products that are not breaking down in the normal way that they should.

Going back to the big screen picture in my mind, I realized that this is more then likely the case for any and all man-made or altered chemical processes that are unnatural. The environment does not have the capacity to handle these unnatural formations. Everything and everything else is connected by the fact that it is formed from Earth products; then along comes someone that things they can do a better job then Mother Earth, formulates this bigger and better product, utilizes it in many different ways, then, five, ten, fifty years later, someone realizes that it is toxic and harmful to all beings and the earth.

We’ve seen this with pesticides, fertilizers and in this moment, companies like Monsanto are being hit with a barrage of negative publicity and reactions from the general public for being the creator of many of these types of products. We’re finally beginning to understand that there is a connection between these synthesized products and the increases in health issues and environmental changes.

The human body has two ways to remove toxins, as solids or liquids. Things that are “water soluble” (meaning that it is easily dissolved in water) are passed through the kidneys and removed in the urine, which is the reason we need to hydrate plentifully. The other medium of dissolution is Lipophilicity commonly called fat solubility which means that a substance will dissolve in fats or lipids. In the body these are usually passed through the digestive track.

Although I am not a chemist, biologist or biochemist, I can only assume that synthetic bonds formed in the laboratories are artificial and therefore forced into happening by some means other then a natural one or these products would happen naturally in the environment. My question is, if this is the case, then wouldn’t these products need some “special” procedure to break those bonds and allow them to breakdown, decompose and return to their natural chemical states? Since those procedures for breakdown have to be induced by means other then natural ones, what does it mean for us if those synthetic chemicals are introduced into the body? How can our bodies break them down and remove them, if there is no natural process to do so?

It seems, like in my mind on my big screen, I am getting a clearer picture of the human body becoming a toxic dump for all of these artificial, synthetic and unnatural chemical formations. I think that if we are lucky, maybe they will dissipate over time the way that they tell us the infamous chemically manufactured poison DDT has in the environment. Of course this breakdown only happened after many years and after the product had been banned world wide. In the case of the products that we ingest with many of these chemicals, they are still on the shelves at our local grocery stores. So what can we do about it?

Well it has been proven historically, that fighting the powers in control of these things are extremely expensive and a long battle. This reactionary stance brings too little, too late usually to be of great benefit to all. Therefore, only a proactive stance will be fully effective. The same energy that is being or might be invested in the reactive battle can do much greater good by utilizing proactive and productive means.

Production is the key here. We must return to producing as many of our own products as possible using only natural resources. As we become less independent on the mega producers for our needs, the more they will be forced to conform to our choice of organic and natural products. Growing our own food using heritage and seeds which are non-GMO or hybrid, and growing them in an organic soil will return the quality and nutritional value to our food. We can manufacture our clothing from natural products as well, like cotton and bamboo. It is our choice: we can take control or allow our bodies, our environment to continue to be toxic dumps.

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The trickleup effect is an economic theory used to describe the flow of wealth from the poor to the affluent; it is opposite to the trickle-down effect.- Wikipedia

Tracey Lin Miller


On the Path to Understanding

December 14, 2012

            During the 2012 Presidential election, while watching a debate, when M. Romney said, “…trickle down government,” my head screamed at me, “There is no such thing as trickle down government, it is trickle up!” While thinking about this bit of information, I accepted it as fact.

More often then not, we’re deluded into believing whatever the media and our illustrious government determine we should believe, however, there is always the head to keep us on track, as mind did in that moment. Sadly, rarely do we listen to our head simply because we’ve been programmed to not listen. This is why such phrases as trickle up effect and others are coined, because they are seductive to our logic and reason and prevent us from looking more closely at the things we should examine in an analytical manner.

In the case of the trickle down effect, it woes and winds our logical side simple because the word trickle brings to mind a liquid drip, inviting the commonality of water or rain and the property of most liquids. The thing we know about liquids is that it always follows a gravitational pull downward. Therefore, our expectation and conditioned perception lends to the fact that liquids always trickle in a downward direction. Hence, the wooing and winning of our psyche is complete, which leads to the base assumption that the beneficent government, like rain, pours down upon us generously. Unfortunately, nothing can be further from the truth.

In an objective world, we would perceive the truth of the situation; everything trickles upward to the governmental sources of the perceived benevolence (or in line with Romney’s intention – a negative aspect of government control) in the form of entitlement programs and legislation. This concept of the trickle down effect has also been utilized to indicate big business and other hoarders of resources as benevolent in supplying the general populace with some imaginary benefit. The fact is that everything in government and business comes from taxation, purchases and donations. In other words, the workers, consumers and philanthropist are the source of all things economic. Yet, we’re led to believe that it is government and big business that trickle down their resources upon us – the undeserving, entitlement grabbing citizens. If we focus on the facts, rather then the hype, we would begin to get an inkling of how powerful we are as a group.

It has often been said that knowledge is power, with which I agree, however, when the knowledge is distorted, manipulated and controlled by those who want to generate a particular response to a given set of circumstances and events, then we end up in the exact frame of mind that they desire from us when we make decisions and develop understanding based upon flawed information. In other words, we cannot make viable informed decisions when the information is manipulated away from objective fact and toward the skewed and often, confused and biased perceptions generated by those with a specific agenda that is not geared for an independent and analytical response. We, in effect, become mental puppets of neuro-linquistic programming by mass media.

Neuro-linquistic programming is a scientific study and utilization of words and methods which dominate and program the psyche for a specific response. This field of study, like everything else, has a positive and negative aspect. It is being widely used to assist clients in the positive maximization of their potential. However, the off side of this is that it is also being used by unscrupulous individuals and organizations in sales, mass media, governmental agencies and other groups to promote their agenda, both harmfully and helpfully without our knowledge. Conscious consent is not necessary for this process to have the desired effect.

Neuro-linquistic programming is a subliminal attack upon the brain processes in order to fix a desired response. On the positive side it can eliminate negative compulsions and additions. On the negative side, it can program specific behavioral responses that are not in the best interest of the programmed. In this case specifically, the delusion of the masses to accept unhealthy, adverse behavior from those in power. Given this understanding, I would say that the only thing trickling down is control mechanisms to forward the agendas of those who are and want to continue in power and keep the masses deluded, beguiled and agreeing to whatever it is they decide to trickle into our minds.

Think about this. Why is it that we’re so quick to believe those conspiracy theorists are always paranoid and/or deluded? Do you remember the big push during the George W. Bush administration to push the Patriot Act into existence? Remember the terrorist meter in the media each day showing the colors that indicated the possibility of a terrorist attack? What do you think the reason was for this?

In my opinion it was to keep the feeling of fear at its maximum limit each day in order to have us form a mindset that aligned with the agenda of those sponsoring the Patriot Act. In our seething panic of realization that there was no where to run, we only had the government to protect us and how could they do that if we did not allow the Patriot Act to be put into law. Now, thanks to this shrewd plan and giving those who want to misuse it an instrument whereby they can knock on any of our doors and state we are terrorist, and we have no legal recourse. Any one of us and our families can be disappeared, railroaded simply by some authoritarian arm of the government stating that we are involved in terrorist activity. There is a lot of trickle down effect going on, but little of it is benevolent.

The irony of it is, we have the power to change these and other governmental and big businesses misuse of the law, and we do have the power, if we utilize it. We can reverse any law; revoke any person who is not working for the common good of the citizenry by taking appropriate and legal action against them. This can only happen once we become aware of the power for change available to all of us. Knowledge is power, but we must consider the source of the knowledge we are gathering. We must take appropriate action on a personal level to minimize the effects of the on-going brainwashing that is taking place daily.

So what can we do about it? I would suggest minimizing all mass media sources and utilizing methods that can be researched objectively. Analyze with great scrutiny any information and find alternative resources for the same information and find the objective facts in each case. Teach your children to analyze and question everything effectively and find trustworthy resources that they can find the facts for themselves. We must utilize the trickle up effect to change the climate of business and politics to once again return to a place of the greatest integrity.

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THE ART OF LIMITATION: Exclusionary Perceptions

THE ART OF LIMITATION: Exclusionary Perceptions


Tracey Lin Miller


On the Path to Understanding

January 13, 2013


Many of us have been raised with an either/or concept about most things: Therefore the concepts of acceptance, win/win situations, or inclusion are missing from most of our interactions on all levels. Is there no wonder then, that when one country invades another, it goes about systematically destroying cultures, rituals and traditions which have been held by the invaded country for thousands of years? Governments can only reflect the beliefs of the majority since all of its politicians come from the same pool of thought: hence, this exclusionary perception is the only understanding available and utilized.

This was quite evident in the Obama/Romney president election of 2012, when the country was almost equally divided in the choice of candidates. This black and white take on things (pun intended) was evident every step of the way. With each candidate being perceived as liars, tricksters and the eventual cause of the fall of America by opposing factions, the exclusionary perception concept was more then evident.

The different camps of politicians and their supporters could not begin to perceive that perhaps their was good and not so good in their opponents camp and therefore could never have conceived of a middle ground and perhaps a third candidate, who utilized the best of each groups point of view to, perhaps, create a platform which was more inclusive and could manifest a more unified government for all of the people.

In a similar way, when there is intervention in other countries, the overtaking government does not consider the culture and customs of the country, but instead, imposes all of its ideas and belief systems upon the policed one in order to make it more civilized or democratic without care or concern for its disruption and destruction of the current customs and rituals. In this way, many valuable assets of moral, ethical and the potential for a more harmonious and peaceful resolution to each countries circumstances is lost in the play for power. This same play to gain power over others is evident in our personal encounters and most relationships of an interpersonal nature.

Whenever we find ourselves with a different perception then others, it becomes our goal to convert the other person to our way of thinking, destroy or discredit their perceptions and/or, elevate ourselves to the only authority upon the topic, utilizing whichever philosophies uphold our belief systems. It does not matter if they have an equally imposing list of proof of their belief systems.

Most recently, I was thinking of my behavior on this subject, and realized that I am extremely guilty of this seek and destroy and authoritative stance. I finally understood that there is more then one way to skin a cat, as my mother would say; and that while I may have a great deal of understanding about most things, my understanding is not the only one. In fact, I have realized that my understanding is only one tiny piece of the puzzle and that we all have a tiny piece of the same puzzle which when joined harmoniously, will give all of us a clearer picture of the whole. Instead, I have worked diligently to prove myself completely right in my understanding, when in fact; I’ve only been right about the part which I understand and that this exclusionary perception has more then likely prevented me from having many allies in my search for the absolute, rather then subjective truth of the workings of life and the universe.

Many of us make this mistake constantly. The absolute teaching we have undergone our life experiences and those we encounter in our environment who unconsciously advocate and practice exclusionary perceptions and belief systems have only reinforced what we think we know; that when we know something beyond the shadow of a doubt, we are right and that anyone who disagrees is wrong. This includes not only our morals, ethics, but also, our choice in religion, life philosophy and thought words and actions based upon these.

The probability of the world being a peaceful place grows exponentially when the concept of inclusionary perceptions is brought into play. The level of tolerance regarding our differences would be the determinant in this equation, as I believe, inclusionary perceptions allow for the acceptance of differences, the ability to include the positive aspect of these differences as part of a global culture and therefore, fewer reasons to have negative reactions to any differences that are not harmful to ourselves as individuals or countries.

If inclusionary perceptions were a part of all the worlds’ religions, this would eradicate the religious belief that others who practice different religions or no religions, were the anti-christ, heathens, dhimmis, and other labeling used in a way that determines a negative position should be taken against nonbelievers of a particular way to worship a god of any sort or no god at all. When atrocities such as jihads, holy crusades, conversion tactics and other forms of persecution are used as a means of forced inclusion or destruction of people who choose a different path, we see the concept of exclusionary perceptions fully at work and how these laws are the cause of much of the world’s discord and carry through to every aspect of our lives. Even religious organizations with the same foundation of beliefs, be they monotheism, polytheism, or atheism don’t have the same rules or rituals and have discord with each other because of their different ways of practicing the same beliefs. There are always one or more groups within a faction which determines itself to be the only pure teaching of that group, hence the division even among those who have the same original foundation.

Exclusionary perceptions and tactics can only open the door for discord, never for harmony and unity in any situation. It is only through learning to accept the rights of others; with a full and complete understanding of free will we can hope to overcome our reactions to each other as individuals or as a nation and know the peace and acceptance we passionately desire.





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