The New Black Wall Street

As it is well known, African Americans contribute 1.1 Trillion dollars per annum to the economics of America. Further known is the fact that the black dollar does not stay in the black community. American blacks do not recognize the power they wield in the market place and here lays the downfall of the black community. Exactly what this means for the capacity to bring about changed based upon this spending power has not been fully realized in the black community to date.

When there is a recession, it is the black community that keeps the economy moving because they spend more than they save; own little real estate in comparison to other races and drives the economy back into good health because they do not hoard their dollars. This being the case, it places blacks in the position to speak the language of economics fluently in the form of boycotts.

In an AtlanticBlackStar article ( ) on money spent by blacks in the beauty market it is stated that:

Essence’s 2009 Smart Beauty research study found that African-American women spend $7.5 billion annually on beauty products and spent 80 percent more on cosmetics and skin-care products than the general market.

In addition the article also states that:

African-Americans continue to adopt new shopping technologies at a faster rate than Caucasians, with 18 percent using their mobile devices to make purchases as compared to 10 percent of Caucasians.

As is evident from these two statements within a several page article, which gives us some of the statistics for black spending, with a little creative manipulation of its spending the black community could possibly make or break any number of businesses which it utilizes consistently. The manipulation of black dollars in the market place could bring about many changes that boycotting, rioting, protesting and any other form of social unrest might never bring to the field of change for the betterment of the American black community.

Sadly, blacks seem to be seldom motivated to learn the economics and marketing strategies that are used to herd their dollars into the market place and are easy prey for corporate America. It is the reluctance of the black community to become savvy to these manipulative skills that allow the potential of the power of black dollars to go unused to accomplish the changes that the black community desires. In these times, the only thing that is truly understood by corporate America is the language of money, how it is used, where it goes and how it can get the lion’s share of these profits. It is up to the black community to realize, understand and utilize its collective economic power and develop strategies to utilize it for the gain of the black community.

Facebook users of color have the opportunity to become educated and united in such groups as the B.S.R. collective which has numerous groups dedicated to different points of interest of the black community. There is viable information disseminated in these groups that focus on the economic, familial, survival skills and living skills that will help the black community to grow in strength and power over time when this information is used to develop a platform for economic and community growth.

If one was to search out and focus on these community building groups and pages around Facebook, utilizing them as intended to unify the collective resources of the black community than the dream of “The New Black Wall Street” would not be as far off in the future as might be thought.

While it is not possible for us to form a “Black Wall Street” as was historically done in Greenwood, OK and other places around the country, we can form one as a virtual enterprise across the internet by networking, creating, building and supporting black businesses everywhere. There are many young blacks who are leading the pack with new ideas that is unifying the African American community on many fronts and they should be supported with the greatest gusto.

The entrepreneurial power of the black community is growing and by networking we can better support black owned businesses and channel our dollars where they can have the most power and effectiveness to bring about change.

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If you think your god is the “one true god” than more then likely, you are honoring a false belief system and practicing something that is in an erroneous paradigm. Ask if the god you serve builds his following upon dominance, war, destruction of cultures and the environment or the taking of life in any form? If the answer to any one of these questions is “yes”, than there is something horribly wrong with your belief system.
The universe is filled with more forces then can be counted and each of these is a “god” when “god=force.” All these forces are needed to keep the universe in balance is one is being utilized more than the other, then the other side will be out of balance.
The universe has no emotional feelings are attachments to any one particular thing and everything is held in balance by everything else. Yet, human beings assign anthropomorphic (human characteristics) to its “gods” that do not exist. In other words, human beings project their human condition onto the forces of the universe and insist that these forces are making demands of them, i.e., they’re the one true god, they need sacrifices of some sort, they’re angry, they need appeasement, etc. The fact is that everything is based upon the law of cause and effect; this energy form is used by humans (thought, word, action, influence) or a chemical or biological process happens and it manifests a specific consequence or reaction. Humans charge these processes to the “gods/forces” when in fact it is the laws of the universe, such as those of physics and others, which determine the outcome of the utilization of a particular generated energy. While we are aware of many of these forces, we don’t realize or accept that they work in all things at all levels.
When we studiously observe our environment and how it works, we begin to understand the laws of nature and how they work. Furthermore, when we observe our own lives, we can see the same laws at work in our lives, in our bodies and in all micro systems. The same laws that work in the micro systems work in the macro system the same way. So what exactly does this mean?
As an example, if we look at lightening and understand what causes it and why it works the way it does and we apply those rules/laws to everything else, we can begin to understand what I mean when I say that all systems are defined by the same laws. When the sky becomes too laden with negative energy (ions) than lighting happens as the sky discharges that negative energy back to ground (the earth.) When we apply that same law to the events in our lives we can see that every time we seem to become extremely happy, something really bad happens to balance it out. The same holds true when we become extremely unhappy, some event, person or experience “saves” us from our misery. In our bodies when we develop too many negative exchanges, we have to offset them with cleansing, balancing by changing diet, etc. If we don’t then disease happens.
As you can see, the same laws that work in balancing the atmosphere also work the same in our lives and bodies. We can see this take place from the level of atom throughout the huge systems of galaxies and beyond. All laws work this way and affects all things in exactly the same way according to the properties of those laws/forces.
If you look at the life spans of insects, which have relatively short life spans; growing to adult size, reproducing then ceasing to exist you can observe the same forces in effect. The smaller the system the more rapid the changes take place, the larger the system the slower the changes take place. This is why we can see bonds forming and breaking in atoms to create all things in the universe in a short period while the galaxies take millions of light years to undergo the same processes. Everything is a duplicate of everything else on various scales and all things are connected.
We know that all things are connected because we can see evidence of this by the damage we have done to the Earth and how it is affecting our health, the extinction of many different species and the unusual weather patterns and disasters world wide. There is nothing we do that does not affect everything else and everything affects us in return. This is why we have to take individual personal responsibility through the thoughts, words, actions and influences that we generate because eventually it all comes home to roost.
Even if there is a god as some believe, that god gave us the free will and personal power to create or destroy and the only intervention that will happen must come from us to right anything that goes against a balanced and respectful existence during our time here. We are our god as we never lose that connection between our human selves and the primordial creation force and therefore should act as gods in manifesting the balance within and outside of our human bodies and the environment.

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Of late, more and more, I notice that everyone from black men, to pop psyche bloggers, to woman of other races condemning the behavior of black women and holding them 100% responsible for their over-the-top emotionalism. Granted, we are responsible for our behavior, except in the face of mental illness and extraneous circumstances. Science has recently learned that genetic memory is very real and that ancestral memories are passed down through the genes. Combine this with the processes of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and we can begin to understand that the response of the “aggressive”, “out of control” black woman may in fact be the result of slavery, repression, and aggression toward black folk.

I am not trying to make excuses, but to discover the source of the agitation that many black women seem to feel constantly and which brings about their responses in such a passionate manner.  Is it possible that the fearful need to protect self and family to the best of their ability, often thwarted by the rules and laws of the society in which they live, is the reason for this hyper-emotional response? Even when ancestral memory is discounted, one of the elements known to trigger PTSD is uncontrollable, unexpected or inescapable events1. Add to this the other elements that are known to make PTSD more likely; degree of threat, suffering, fear, human-caused behaviors, assault, betrayal, sense of responsibility, past and present vulnerability, childhood trauma, insufficient emotional support and concurrent causes of stress, we can evaluate many peoples’ lives (particularly those of Native Americans and African Americans) to be a hot bed for the probability of PTSD. When an entire race of people has been suffering the same uncontrollable and inescapable set of events over and over for several hundred years, one might surmise that they might be suffering from PTSD. Complicate the matter by forcing these same people to accept that they are responsible for how they are treated, utilize mass media to propagandize them as the least desirable group of people because of their exaggerated propensity for negative social behavior, and these people become trapped between the proverbial rock and hard place.

The question is; how do we help to bring about a healing process in a world that has and is being controlled by fear and all of the emotional results thereof? We can continue within the same framework that has been prevalent throughout American history, or we can remove ourselves from the position of judging what we do not understand. Thanks to the advancements of technology, we can now sit in the relatively safe confines of our homes and educate ourselves at will so that we can begin to understand the myriad phenomena at play in this divisive foundation of belief. With additional information about our society, we can discover the primary cause of our fear and with facts and accurate information, begin to heal our wounds. The use of blame and passing the buck of responsibility for the negative environment in which we find ourselves is now passé. It is time to open our minds and hearts of compassion seeking a solution which will benefit us all. There is no possible way that any one person or group can be happy and fulfilled as long as any other of us is not happy and fulfilled.

Pointing out each others flaws, issues and negative traits of any kind, only aims our energy to support and feed that negativity. We must all learn how to be aware, without blame. We must learn to support each other in all of our circumstances, jumping into the fray, not with condemnation, but with compassion and lend our positive energy of change to the equation. Our energy follows our focus. The more we focus on what we do not want, the more of what we do not want will be generated. It is time to focus upon what we do want, and manifest it, creating better relationships with ourselves and others, and in response, a better world.



1.          Elements that are known to make PTSD more likely are the following:

    • Uncontrollable, unexpected, or inescapable events
    • Degree of threat, suffering, or fear
    • Human-caused, rather than natural, event
    • Assault, often with a sense of betrayal
    • Sense of responsibility
    • Past and present vulnerability, including genetics, childhood trauma, insufficient emotional support, concurrent causes of stress

References (accessed February 21, 2014)

  1. Genetic Memory (Accessed February 21, 2014)

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            It was just five days ago that encouragement was given to forget the past, live in the present and take the actions necessary for the desired future. This does not mean the past should be forgotten but utilized as the storehouse of wisdom learned from past experiences. Too often we dwell within our past for its fond memories or as the whipping post for the current circumstances which we regret. The past is to be utilized as a reference to the power and wisdom we gained in rising to meet obstacles, overcoming barriers to great personal victories and shaping and prodding destiny into the direction desired. So yes, the past needs to be revisited as often as needed to gather supplies from its storehouse of great wealth of memory to direct our life upon the course we choose in the present.
Many, who have been watching the negative insanity of the world, personal progress and forward motion has been forgotten as we dug in, shored up our environment to either maintain the status quo and/or build a more secure place in which to live. We have been scared out of our minds by the goings on of recent history.  Politicians, who do not represent the people that voted them into office and flaunt their own self interest, as do all of the economically secure, while at the same time, denying the citizens and their fellows fulfillment of the basic needs of food, shelter, medical care and clothing. Religion is being turned on its ear by the new Catholic Pope, money mongering preachers and other ministers of faith who are facing criminal charges for everything from child molestation to embezzlement of church funds; and all the time they are still demanding that tithes be paid. The rolls of the homeless are at an all time high and growing every day with no end in sight. Children are disappearing in droves, while others are graduating from schools which have not taught them to read. It is a good and important thing that haste is made to secure the personal home front, but the multitude of minor and major disasters we face there are proof that we really do not have the power to protect what we hold dear. Is security really possible within the current world circumstances while trying to maintain or enhanced our status? Is there a plan to shovel the shit that we are buried in as a species on this planet; along with our need for personal survival and comfort? Balance must be exacted as we also turn our multitudinous talents toward giving as much as we wish to receive.

In our individual pasts, we have had victories which we, family and friends, doubted that we could pull off. We dug our heels in and made the choice to accomplish our goals, and we did it, reaching every one of them! The question is did we stop doing what is necessary to bring about the change we want in our world, our environment, our personal space? So many have thrown up their hands in disgust or been wiped out by a feeling of futility. The power we have has not changed, but the way we think, has. We have accomplished our latest and greatest dream and failed to continue our forward motion in lieu of enjoying the spoils of our past. Have we sat at the counter too long, smelling the coffee? Have we been drugged by the poppies of contentment as we lingered to long in our gardens? Historically, the time of retirement and one’s latter years were the time people utilized their wealth of time, money and knowledge to give back to the community. It appears that everyone has abandoned the community and stand at a distance pointing fingers at it.

Across the social network environs, there are more complaints then can be counted regarding everything that is wrong with our world. Attitudes range from a shake of the head in distaste to blogs that condemn and point to all the presumed guilty. This reminds me of the rambunctious town hall meeting where everyone is screaming at the same time, pointing fingers and laying blame, but not one person comes up with a solution. The only difference is that instead of shrill voices, the only sound you hear is the click of the keyboard and the whirr of the cooling fan in the pc.  We have been loud, we have been heard, and we have brought about change in the past. Now it is time to reactivate our power for positive change once again and we must take the lone wolf approach in doing so. It is up to us, each and every one of us, the individual, to take action where we are, doing whatever it is we do best. Find places within the community to volunteer; schools, senior complexes, social programs; or create your own. Find solutions, or mini-solutions for the things you complain most about, which can be implemented and emulated by other communities or families to resolve some issue that you consider a problem and needs to be addressed and resolved.  Think of a way to change the negative energy of complaint into the positive energy of energy of resolution. This power is innate in all of us!
It is in our past experience that we will find the motivation and power to perform and move us along the path of resolution for present circumstances. It is utilizing this power in the present that we will change the course of individual, familial and community and world destiny. Consequently, we must awaken our internal power to draw upon the universal energy that will respond to our demands for positive change. The time for complaining and blaming is passed. It is time to stand up for what we believe and we all have a part to play in this resolution revolution.

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All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

–J. R. R. Tolkien

            We bring our attention from where ever it is to train it upon the person before us. Immediately we begin to judge them by everything from their clothing, hair style , make up, manner of dress, dental hygiene, body aroma, choice of perfume or cologne, mannerisms, manners, and the list continuous almost endlessly.  Within moments, most have decided whether they will offer a cordial greeting, hire, or decide to marry them; all from a moments observation. In that same moment, all of the training, education, phobias, psychosis, neurosis, and everything ever read or sensed and formed a perception about, is used to make this assessment. The question is; how valid is the conclusion?

When first impressions prove themselves correct, over time it aids in forming a convincing delusion that first impressions are always correct. Of course awareness that any statements which include the words always or never are to be scrutinized carefully since almost nothing is always or never. This awareness does not preclude the formation of the delusional always and never, or hanging onto the belief that the conclusion drawn is a valid and accurate one. Hence, sometimes the person drawing the conclusion finds themselves in a position of regret. Perhaps this is not about first impressions and/or appearances at all, but about the capacity to trust.

Delving into the assessment processes utilized at first impressions, one might discover that it is laden with one’s biases, prejudices, preconceived ideas about what is right or wrong based upon religious, political and philosophical viewpoints, as well as many of the mimicked and pantomime behaviors of those teachers we have met throughout life. It is rational to view perceptive powers as a hodge-podge of mixed and matched viewpoints that are more often than not, not our own. Nor is this unusual as this is the way that we all learn and emulate what is acceptable and will insure our being part of society. After all, Maslow’s hierarchy of psychological needs list belonging as number three (Abraham Maslow).

The drive to belong is very strong which can be attested to by the number of organizations, groups, churches/temples which exist, and the influence of peer pressure. One might conclude that belonging is such a strong need, that others would be encouraged to freely join; but instead we become elitist within our groups, declaring ours to be the best ever created in its design and intent and determine that only those of the highest caliber might enter. This exclusionary behavior aimed at our brethren is merciless in design and expresses a disdain for those like us, of the same species, learned and handed down for unknown generations. Who was the first to believe that someone else was different and unworthy of being a part of the group? As word spread, what horrific thing was the cause for the majority to think that they were different enough to ostracize from the clan? This belief which has passed down through each generation on both sides of the argument, thereafter naming each other as unworthy and therefore labeled, enemy rather than friend or at the least, not trustworthy. Ultimately, it is about the trustworthiness of the individual that we form our instant assessments of them.  This rapid fire, mental process based upon antiquated memories is used to judge each other. The problem with this technique is it is based upon our experience about others from our past and has nothing to do with the person we are dealing with in the present moment, yet we operate as if it does. The distrust of people we have been involved with, stories of friends, relatives and acquaintances and their betrayals, is what we are using to judge this person before us in the present moment. If in a court of law, during jury selection, such a person with these strong preconceived notions would be prevented from participating as a juror, but, we fail our new associate because there is no one to protect them from our prejudices.

I may have mentioned my friend Eddy in other blogs, but to refresh your memory, I will tell the story of how Eddy and I became friends once again. This happened probably about 35 years ago. I had recently moved into an apartment when I was told that the guy in apartment number four was a thief and to be careful of him. I, believing in taking the lion by the mane, knocked on Eddy’s door and addressed him stating that I had been told of his career as a thief and that if anything of mine ever disappeared, whether he took it or not, he would be held responsible. Shortly thereafter, Eddy knocks on my door with a housewarming gift; a huge glass ashtray on a pedestal stand, with the handle over the top, the kind that used to adorn the lobbies of hotels. I asked him where did he had gotten it and to my surprise he honestly answered that he had stolen it from a hotel and brought it to me as a peace offering! I quickly reprimanded him asking him to return it since I wasn’t happy that he was a thief and didn’t want to be the reason for more thieveries. He actually returned the ashtray to its rightful owner and returned to my apartment with profuse apologies for having displeased me! Over the next two years our friendship grew, Eddy and his wife Beulah would stop by often to share some small offering with us and he never stole anything from my family as long as we knew him. As a matter of fact, according to Beulah, there was a great decrease in the amount of stealing he did. I could not believe I could be such a strong, determining factor in the behavior of someone else; but I was still rather young at the time. Of course, now I know I influence peoples’ behaviors many times.

Therefore, when we find ourselves passing judgment from the automated modus operandi, perhaps we should question if this is the best way to determine another’s inherent value. Thieves have become honest persons and honest persons have become thieves, as all depends on the choice any of us make in the moment. Perhaps a kind response to another in the moment of first meeting, rather than judgment, might open the door of choice to escort in a lifelong friend.

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To use the phrase of one of my favorite artist of 2013, JahSun of Faristudios, “GRATITUDE IS MY ONLY ATTITUDE!” I have started this New Year 2014 with two words in mind, gratitude and completion. Leaping from the starting gate of this New Year with the same speed and enthusiasm as any winning thoroughbred, I’m determined to maintain an attitude of appreciation and victory in completing the mission I have chosen for myself and have been designed for by the Universe.

It is easy to regret and lament our situations. We think upon what we should have, could have, and might have done differently, without fully realizing that things needed to be exactly as they were in order to have the experiences we needed to be honed into the person we need to be to accomplish what must be accomplished by each of us as the unique individuals that we are. We are here in this time, space and continuum to maximize our individual spiritual potential and have contracted to do so by learning from our experiences and teaching others what we have learned, as well. The first step in accomplishing this goal is a constant attitude of gratitude, because without this, it is so easy to become loss in the experience of the human condition. The idea and action of gratitude keeps us solidly anchored in our spiritual selves allowing us to sustain fortitude and a positive state of mind.

Our minds are the part of us that keep our manifested body connected to our spiritual selves and when an attitude of appreciation is not constant, we find ourselves mired in the negativity of our human condition.  Our perceptions become warped and unbalanced and rather than appreciation for our sojourn through this life, we regret our lives, begrudge our good works and opt for selfish, self centered existences. Random acts of kindness fail to manifest as we fervently struggle to change the things that we must learn to accept as part and parcel of our ultimate goal of sharing and spreading love within ourselves and to everything in existence. We glorify things that should not be held in esteem and attach our emotions to possessions in the form of people, places and things rule our lives until there is no love left in us. The only way to circumvent this is through appreciation; sincere gratitude for all things negative and positive.
The mission we have chosen for ourselves is that of loving entities and only by fulfilling this mission in every aspect of our lives will we show great victories at the end of our lives. The measure of our lives is how well we love. It is not about altering ourselves to become objects of love by others, but that we manifest the love within which will, in turn, attract the love of others. It is not a place where we measure what we do for others as opposed to what they do for us; but one of how much and how often we can express loving behavior towards all. This, of course, starts with the understanding that we are love and that everything is worthy of our love.
When we sit in a seat of judgment, determining who is and who is not worthy of our loving, it is a failure to find a heart filled with gratitude. For it is in the appreciation of us and others that unconditional love is found. The general misconception that one must be worthy in order to be loved is the crumbling foundation which has manifested in the cruelty and distortions of life. We must return to the pure heart of loving that we were born to as we were when we were children. It is in this innocence, uncorrupted by life experience and faulty perceptions about those experiences which have changed us into creatures less capable of love than we were born with. We must peel off the layers of erroneous perceptions that keep us insulated from our ability to love freely.

With these thoughts in mind, let us begin the 2014 New Year with attitudes of gratitude and a desire to complete our mission as loving beings, peeling away conditions that are unhealthy to a loving heart. Happy New Year!

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We have arrived! As we stand at the door of this New Year 2014, we are tempted to look back over our shoulders to all of the events of 2013. We want to remember our successes, failures, loves, losses, pains, sufferings, and 2013 New Years goals and resolutions that we failed to keep. But I say NO! Let’s not look at the year’s past events and this time let us look only toward the future!

For those of us tuned into the Universes workings, we are aware that for the first time in 19 years, New Year’s Day will start on the New Moon. The combination of the New Year and the New Moon is the energy for new beginnings. It is the Universe cosigning our fresh start and guarantee that we have the opportunity to let go of all that has come before and have a new and clean slate to chart our destiny. So, let us begin anew, without concern for what has been, focused only on our heart’s desires for our future. Let us take this present moment to chart our course.

This is not to say that we will forget our past. We must only use it as a vague reference to prevent the errors of our history; do not focus on the right or wrongness of it, but only upon the lessons we learned from it. I know many of us lost loved ones, possessions, missed opportunities and had many of our beliefs shred asunder. This was a necessity of life, paving our way to a deeper spiritual understanding of our existence. We have learned that nothing is forever, timing is vital and especially, the necessity of loving in the moment as there is no guarantee of tomorrow with those we love. Procrastination has shattered our hopes and dreams for better relationships and greater opportunities because of hesitation or fear. Let us not make this a time of mourning for things and people loss, but an opportunity to advantage of every moment to give our all and our best. Let 2014 be a year of completion for us. Let us attack the bucket list of our heartfelt desires and make all the things on it a reality.

I stopped making resolutions a number of years ago, because I found more often then not, the determination waned after only a month or two and by years end, I had moved away from the determination completely, only to find years end with a list that was still just a list of things to do. Instead, I determined to manifest the meaning and understanding of specific words or concepts into my life daily. At the beginning of 2013, I took an assessment of my happiness, what brought and what took away from my happiness. It was the idea of acceptance that seemed to be loaded with grief and unhappiness. I would not accept things as they are, therefore, these things became the fruit of unhappiness. If I did not accept a person the way they were, I became disgruntled with them; wishing that they would change or trying to control their behavior. This, of course led to many unhappy relationships. The same holds true for any event and/or circumstance that takes place within my life. Therefore, I decided to manifest the full meaning of acceptance in my life. In the process of developing this attitude of acceptance, my relationships changed and I became capable of adjusting my perception of circumstances so that they no longer came with an attachment to them being any different than what they were.

The ensuing result is that through acceptance, I learned to recognize them without attachment to a feeling about them and was able to change my behavior to prevent future episodes of the exact same events.

In 2014, the word I have chosen is completion. This is the opposite of procrastination. I have many projects that I have started and none that I have finished because of widely scattered energy over many different things that I choose to accomplish. While not exactly procrastination, it lends to procrastination as I move from one project to another, failing to complete any one thing. While reviewing the list of projects that are open at any given time, I realized that completion is slow in coming to any project because there are so many of them. Hence, in 2014, I have determined that completion of each is the dominating energy I must manifest in order to accomplish my goals. While each project is a worthy one, none are beneficial because none have been completed entirely. Every idea has a shelf life; a time when it is of maximum benefit to the recipients of its concepts and if we fail to do them in a timely manner, the Universe replaces us with others who will accomplish what is needed. We must strike while the iron is hot.

So, in 2014, let us take our ideas, create plans that will accomplish our goals and forge ahead with robust energy in the present and toward the future. Let us not expend energy looking over our shoulders at what might have been and utilize this energy in forward motion. I wish you all a very happy, productive, healthful and positive New Year! Let us forge ahead now!

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Everyone has become angry because of the imagined, greed of the few and the hardships of the many. This is because few are aware of the swinging of the universal pendulum that moves from positive to negative, and back again. We have currently arrived at the negative input of the pendulum fling, and are reaching a state of equilibrium whereby, all things are half negative and half positive and occurring at such a rate that it seems that things are standing still in the negative state.

This is a delusional perspective! As we focus more and more on the negative, the negative is all we are capable of seeing. We are also unaware of the influences of all the bodies in the universe, the sun the moon and star and the magnetic poles of the earth, and their effect upon all beings and events. Many of us, are not aware of the current influences of the planetary bodies on us and earth events. A massive change is taking place that is influencing us to question our belief systems and grow spiritually. This is the reason for so many negative events and attitudes of so many at the present time. We are being shown what is unimportant an based on the influences of greed, anger, and ignorant. We are being made aware that mundane things are not as important as things of the spirit.

There must be a balance between the mundane and the spiritual, because we are both material and spiritual creatures. The gravitational pull of the mundane has awakened, greed, anger, and ignorant so that they have become the dominating force within us. We are now being affected by the pull of our spiritual selves to reawaken, compassion, love and respect for ourselves and our environment, and all those in it.

While we may be distracted by the external shenanigans of those around us, now is when we should be focused upon our internal process. We need to reevaluate ourselves and determine if we are balanced between the material and the spiritual. If we believe that the material is our dominating motivating force, then we need to alter that perception. The same holds true, if we believe ourselves to be dominated by our spiritual self. We must find balance! Our bodies are material. Our souls or spirits, are of the heavens and therefore, we must satisfy both these masters.

Our bodies demand that we nourish and sustain them, and we can only do this with material things, because our bodies are material. We must also nourish our souls/spirit, with those things that are of this. We must find a balance in doing so. The body needs food, shelter, clothing, love, and play. The spirit needs to find a way to utilize the body in a spiritual way and manifest the divine law of love. Love is the common goal of both body and spirit, and it is here that body and spirit are unified in mind. Therefore, we must learn to do everything from a place of love.

The current influences externally and internally are the driving force that we need to find the necessary balance between the mundane and the spiritual. It is only through introspection, self-awareness, with love and compassion for ourselves and others that we will change the destiny of the world.

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Label Resistance

We are tagged with so many labels throughout our lives; most of which becomes irrelevant over time . Yet, the perceptions of friends, family and those who think they know us, we never change.

Change is inevitable, and when we choose to live up to the expectations of others and the labels applued to us, we are doing ourselves a disservice. The more we know, the more we change. Other words, as we learn better, we do better. This means that all previous labels are no longer valid. This is why we have to develop “label resistance.”

Label resistance is the process whereby, we discontinue living up to the expectations of others based on obsolete definitions of who we are. This is especially true in our relationships with our parents who always perceive us as their children, rather than adults. We often revert to childish responses to them as they expect. This does not mean that we lose all respect and consideration for them, but that we respond as adults and that they treat us as adult progeny capable of directing our own lives. This is the most difficult situations, as our parents always expect us to be obedient.

A wise parent understands their role in their children’s lives. As a parent, it is our responsibility to raise our children to be positive, productive, happy, self-supporting an independent members of society. If parents keep children in a subjugated role in our lives, we are doing them a grave disservice. Furthermore, we’re sending a message that we did not do a good job of helping them to become independent entities, but also that they are not capable adults. As a parent, while giving sage advice when I think it is needed, my basic policy is to “stay out of grown folks business,” allowing my children to make and correct their own mistakes and live their lives as they see fit ; regardless of my opinion.

This is one of the many labels that we encounter each day in our relationships with others. Is up to us to determine if we still fit into the perceived definitions of labels apply to us. When they do not, we must become resistant to falling back into these false expectations. In this way we continue to progress in a forward motion.

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On the Path to Understanding

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