Tracey Lin Miller

December 12, 2012


On the Path to Understanding



As is often the case, during my observations, I became acutely aware of some of our responses when we perceive some wrongdoing wielded against us and the true intent behind the words we use. This is nothing new for me as I am always seeking deeper understanding of why we do what we do, whether it is a positive or negative thing, or if perhaps, there is, as the old axiom goes; “More to this then meets the eye.” Since I practice a philosophy that states that everything is my mirror, I then proceed to use deep introspection and find out if I do the same thing (which is usually the case, otherwise, how else could it all be my mirror?).

In this particular instance I’m speaking of the habit many of us have of making a statement in response to the wrongdoers’ action which reflects our belief that because we practice  a particular religion, philosophy and/or adhere to specific belief system that we are a child of some higher power which will punish them for their misdeeds against us. I personally believe that the intent behind these words is laced with a desire for revenge against the miscreants and our heartfelt intent that they “get theirs” for having committed this unseemly thought, word or action toward us. My question is this, if vengeance is the realm of the higher power we are dedicated to, then why is it any of our business if revenge will be exacted?

Somewhere in the doctrine of the majority of the teachings we follow is an edict that we love and have compassion for others as we do for ourselves. This being the case, why do we wish to bring down upon them the wrath of our higher power simply because they’ve done some mildly significant thing to hurt our feelings, deprive us of our material goods, or even bring us bodily harm? The reason that I say mildly significant is if we accept this higher power and all of its capacity for really doing serious damage, then shouldn’t we be more concerned that the person who committed this crime against us feel the power of our love and compassion for them and our intercession on their behalf to this higher power for leniency?  I’m sure that many of us have taken the punishments that our siblings or other loved ones have earned upon ourselves at some time in our lives and therefore, since that person is a part of our extended human family, wouldn’t the better thing be to show them the same love and compassion we would for any of our loved ones?

Jesus the Christ, died on the cross, Buddha gave up all of the comforts and luxuries of this material kingdom, Gandhi rid himself of all of his earthly possessions, and ultimately, even Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, John F. Kennedy and others gave their lives in sacrifice for all the human beings of the world. Yet, we, in our mediocre little worlds, wish to bring down the wrath of heaven of those who have harmed us on some personal and minute scale in the scheme of things, in spite of the instruction that we guard our thoughts, words and actions against doing unloving and uncompassionate things. Within this same framework is the lack of understanding of exactly how the Universe works.

I know, as many of you do, that the Universe works to supply our needs, as is also part of the teachings we follow. This being the case, people, events, and circumstances ultimately conspire for our happiness and spiritual growth. Yet, we do not know how this will transpire. If we truly have faith that we are protected and enriched in body, mind and spirit because of our faith and practice of our systems of belief, then why can we not accept that all things transpire for our benefit? We are quick to call things, devils, demons, negative and unsavory when it does not align with how we think things should be happening. In other words, with very little understanding we have determined that we are in control of every aspect of the workings of the Universe and if things don’t go the way we ant them to, then it must be something bad, evil or controlled by negative forces that are an antithesis to our positive, loving and compassionate higher power who only works for our good. This might be the case if we were perfect beings who followed only the will of that higher power and had no erroneous belief systems embedded in our psyches. Sadly, this is not the case. We are all pretty much in the same boat; learning the best possible way to think, speak and act in a way that aligns with the will of which ever perception of a higher power that we endorse.


It wasn’t that long ago I got a resounding slap in the face by the universal higher power because of some action I had undertaken believing that I was absolutely right in my assumptions and good in my intent to rid myself of someone who was acting against me. Of course when I took this action it was the right thing to do as determined by the circumstances. Yet, when another person did the same thing to the same person, I was appalled! Normally my initial response would have been to turn to that person and say see, you deserve what you get because you do what you do, and no one has to tolerate your behavior. Instead, I saw myself performing this action; a little neater, a little less violent and in a more mature way, but still I had done this same thing. My shock and consternation left room for only one thought when I saw myself mirrored here: “How could I do this to someone I’m suppose to love?” It was the beginning of a massive change in my entire perception of whom I exhibit to the world and who I really am. This takes us back to the original point of this writing: If I am a child of the higher power of the greatest love and compassion, why am I behaving as if I am not? If I am made in this image, why are my thoughts, words and actions so much less? If my belief system is as concrete as I say it is, why do I forego my faith to rely upon a need for revenge? Many questions come to mind as I think of the intent behind the words: I AM A CHILD OF THE HIGHEST POWER!







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