The Power Within

It seems that every where I turn, people are going through so much. Health, Economics, Family issues and more coming at them from all directions and they are afraid! When I talk to them my heart goes out to them because they have no clue how much power for change resides within them. They tremble with the anticipation of things getting worse, instead of rejoicing at the opportunity to make things better.

We all have this power, this ability to bring about the changes we desire. It’s all a matter of realizing that we have the power to do so. Instead we shake in our boots, so to speak, at every little thing that veers from the direction we want things to go.

In reality, what is happening is that we’re being presented with opportunity. The things we name trials, tribulations, disaster, are only opportunities to prove our power to ourselves. When we face our opportunities with the belief that we are in a position to strengthen ourselves, reveal our power to ourselves, than and only than do they become an impetus for change. This is no easy feat.

We have been conditioned to perceive things as we do. We see these opportunities as trials and places of suffering because we have been taught to do so by all those who have come before us and those who stand with us. When we face a change that appears negative to us, we receive pity and perhaps religious support from those around us as we are told that these are trials that we must overcome. We are looked upon with sympathetic eyes which reinforce the belief that these things are negative things that we have to get through. In reality, as I will continue to say, these are opportunities.

Many years ago I had a job that I really loved; so much so that I worked 70 hours a week while only being paid for 35 hours. My coworkers were resentful of my circumstances because of the level of freedom I had in the position. To make a long story short, others in authority decided that checks and balances were needed and made changes that I determined would undermine my effectiveness. I quit the position.

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