Everyone has become angry because of the imagined, greed of the few and the hardships of the many. This is because few are aware of the swinging of the universal pendulum that moves from positive to negative, and back again. We have currently arrived at the negative input of the pendulum fling, and are reaching a state of equilibrium whereby, all things are half negative and half positive and occurring at such a rate that it seems that things are standing still in the negative state.

This is a delusional perspective! As we focus more and more on the negative, the negative is all we are capable of seeing. We are also unaware of the influences of all the bodies in the universe, the sun the moon and star and the magnetic poles of the earth, and their effect upon all beings and events. Many of us, are not aware of the current influences of the planetary bodies on us and earth events. A massive change is taking place that is influencing us to question our belief systems and grow spiritually. This is the reason for so many negative events and attitudes of so many at the present time. We are being shown what is unimportant an based on the influences of greed, anger, and ignorant. We are being made aware that mundane things are not as important as things of the spirit.

There must be a balance between the mundane and the spiritual, because we are both material and spiritual creatures. The gravitational pull of the mundane has awakened, greed, anger, and ignorant so that they have become the dominating force within us. We are now being affected by the pull of our spiritual selves to reawaken, compassion, love and respect for ourselves and our environment, and all those in it.

While we may be distracted by the external shenanigans of those around us, now is when we should be focused upon our internal process. We need to reevaluate ourselves and determine if we are balanced between the material and the spiritual. If we believe that the material is our dominating motivating force, then we need to alter that perception. The same holds true, if we believe ourselves to be dominated by our spiritual self. We must find balance! Our bodies are material. Our souls or spirits, are of the heavens and therefore, we must satisfy both these masters.

Our bodies demand that we nourish and sustain them, and we can only do this with material things, because our bodies are material. We must also nourish our souls/spirit, with those things that are of this. We must find a balance in doing so. The body needs food, shelter, clothing, love, and play. The spirit needs to find a way to utilize the body in a spiritual way and manifest the divine law of love. Love is the common goal of both body and spirit, and it is here that body and spirit are unified in mind. Therefore, we must learn to do everything from a place of love.

The current influences externally and internally are the driving force that we need to find the necessary balance between the mundane and the spiritual. It is only through introspection, self-awareness, with love and compassion for ourselves and others that we will change the destiny of the world.

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