We always seem to put everything else before ourselves. Our children, our homes, our loved ones, our jobs, even socializing with our friends always seems to come first. Yet, when we feel the need for rest of body, mind and spirit, we always feel as if we don’t have the time to take care of ourselves.

When we don’t do what is necessary to take care of ourselves, our energy becomes drained, our thoughts become chaotic, our temper is easily ignited and often we have difficulty determining the polarity (good/bad, pos/neg) of our experiences. Perhaps this is why, regardless of which religion you practice, it always makes a day of rest and/or a time of fasting. These ancient techniques, back when the world was not even an iota as chaotic as it is now, showed an understanding of the human condition and the need to replenish, rejuvenate and cleanse on a regular basis. Unfortunately, it seems that this lesson has been long lost as we struggle to meet the demand of today’s world.

It is imperative that we take time for ourselves no matter what. Five minutes, five hours, five days, regardless of the time we allot, we must develop a process that allows us to rest, rejuvenate and cleanse every aspect of our being. Only each person can determine the best means of doing so, but do so you must!

Fasting rest our digestive system and allows it time to remove potent toxins from our bodies as well as cleansing the alimentary canal and allowing the emptying of the sludge that collects.

Sleep is the period of rejuvenation that the body needs in order to promote healing, but all sleep is not rejuvenating. If you are sleeping and awakening tired, than you are not resting and healing. determine why you are not and correct this.

Proper eating habits are a must. Food and supplements are where we gather the building blocks for rejuvenation and healing. If we are eating wastefully, eating things that have no nutritional value, than we are not supplying our body with the materials needed for building, repair and rejuvenation.

Just as the body needs to rest, so does the mind. Meditation is one of the most beneficial methods for resting the mind. One does not have to spend hours in meditation in order to receive its benefit. Five minutes in each day can suffice in giving you the tools and training your mind to respond to a conscious desire for rest. i.e., if you feel your self tense, after having practiced meditation, you can actually tell that part of your body to relax and it will do so instantly. Try the free 5 Minute Relaxation Technique that is yours for signing up, as it was developed with our hectic lifestyles in mind.

Please remember, the every aspect of mind, body and spirit must work in harmony in order to maximize our potential each day, so take the time to take care of yours and keep it in as good running condition as a well oiled machine.

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