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On the Path to Understanding

April 20, 2013

            I rarely become ill. It is one of the great blessings of my life. I sometimes think it is because I changed all of my health karma before I was five years old with a strep infection which elevated into rheumatic fever and kept my mom in emergency rooms when my temperature would fire up to 105 degrees. Thank goodness for karmic change.

What I do have a plethora of are physical malfunctions. My definition of a physical malfunction is anything which causes any part or system of the body to behave in a way that is no in correlation to its designated function. This will be more easily understood as I begin to list my numerous malfunctions, all of them diagnosed by medical exams which included physical, chemical, MRI, CAT scans, x-rays, endoscopic examinations, and other means of testing, checking and determining the actual functions of the body’s organs. It is best to begin at the beginning therefore I will list this in order from head to foot.


HEAD – Migraine headaches, PTSD, Anxiety, tinnitus, sleep apnea (CNS and obstructive), cataracts

NECK – Cervical arthritis C-6, C-7, esophageal flap leak (makes me choke)


SHOULDERS- Arthritis, severe bone wearing of collarbone, frozen right shoulder, bone spurs on collarbone and shoulder bone.

CHEST – hypoventilation, thoracic vertebrae bone spurs, arthritis, irregular heartbeat.

STOMACH – G.E.R.D, diverticulosis, Irritable bowel syndrome, colon polyps (removed at time of colonoscopy have one each time colonoscopy is done)

HIPS – Bursitis
LEGS – Difficulty standing from sitting position or sitting from standing (elevator muscles don’t work)

FEET – Edema, Plantar faciitis, bone spurs, numb feet, tops, bottoms and toes.
SPINE – Degenerative Spine/Disc Disease

BODY – Diabetic neuropathy, all myelin sheaths of nerves damaged, Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity


I think this covers everything!



As you can see, the list of malfunctions reads like a What’s-What of what can go wrong with the human body. As a profound believer in the theory of cause and effect I did a careful exploration of each of these malfunctions and my personal history and decided that there are several causes for these: Excessive life long stress; Poor posture; and ignorant food choices, including foods and water with inappropriate (for the human body) additives. As I did the research and began to understand more about the malfunctions and approaches to re-invigorating them to perform as designed, I have undertaken a journey to returning them to correct functioning as they were designed.

Thus far I have corrected the thyroid issue, have times when the blood pressure and glucose levels remain normal for small periods of time, eliminated GERD, IBS and migraines.
One of the key ingredients to this rehabilitation is exercise, which has been difficult for me to sustain as it tends to make some of the malfunctions worse when I over indulge. I’m in the process of determining how to define moderation for my body in the condition it is in.
Now the reason I never speak of these malfunctions in their entirety is because I don’t want to be perceived as one seeking sympathy nor complaining about my plight. However, I know that many are enjoying the pleasures of these malfunctions the same as myself and I would like for them to know that when I am giving unsolicited advice, telling them to limit the recounting of their experiences of suffering (it invites more of it by lowering mood and in doing so, immune system function), is not because I’m trying to be mean, without empathy or understanding or any other reason that is not based in fact. I say what I do based upon my 20 years of experience fighting this battle.

I won’t speak on this in totality again, I find it counter-productive. Good health! Happy thoughts! Happy hearts!



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