If you haven’t, you must see, The Machine Gun Preacher. It’s the biographical movie of Sam Childers, a Pennsylvania resident, bad guy turned savior of the children of the Sudan in Africa. The story is much more than a movie, it is an inspiration.

Sam, drug user, thief and almost murderer, changes the direction of his path and uses the tools of his negativity as a saving grace for the children of the Sudan and his community by starting a church that invites all of the unsavory characters of his community as members and than goes half way around the world to save children in the war torn Sudan.

I can’t tell you how copiously the tears flowed watching this movie. I didn’t cry because of the plight of the children, I cried for joy that there was someone who got up off their butts and did something about it! The joy of realizing my premise that if everyone did their part in bringing about a change, like a patch work quilt, all those little one man /woman armies would change the entire world! Sam hasn’t changed the world alone but in my patchwork theory, he is doing his small part. He’s providing what shelter and safety he can for a few of the children in trouble and he’s been mostly doing this alone. The question I asked myself is: what can i do to help Sam?

I was at Sam’s website this morning reading and it said the children need food, they need clean water. Now I am all over the Internet daily and I learned not long ago of a tree called the Moringa, which not only nourishes as food, but can purify water also. What a perfect plant for the arid African Sudan where Sam is! I have seen the videos on the moringa which can be seen in the good stuff portion of my website and seen the research taht others are doing on the plant and know it is an invaluable source for food and purification of water. Now one thing I do better than anyone else is gather knowledge and share it! So I’m on a mission for Sam today.

I’ve been petitioning growers of the Moringa tree to send Sam plants and seeds so that he can have an unlimited, sustainable source of nourishment and pure water by teahing the children how to grow and cultivate the Moringa tree. I can only hope that someone hears my plea.

Now I don’t have much. I sustain my life, but beyond that, my mind, the knowledge I gather and the willingness and ability to share it is all that I have to give. I am giving you this information in hopes that it will encourage you to do the best you can, where you are, just as Sam did, to help others in need. After all, we are one and the suffering of one person in the world should be a rallying cry for the rest of us to stand up and relieve that suffering.

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