Two things happened today that made me remember last years frugality during the winter. 1) We’re getting our first freezing weather tonight; and 2) I have to do laundry. I immediatedly used my tried and true method of preserving heat and humidity while helping to keep heating cost low and recycling my dryer heat to do so.

Recycling dryer heat to assist in heating your home during the winter is not only a way to save on heating cost, but to humidify your home as well. This idea only works if your dryer is situated in your primary living quarters, such as a laundry area

Apartment style laundry closet










or laundry room

Home laundry room









connected to the main portion of the home.

We start by disconnecting the dryer vent hose from the inside vent connection by squeezing the clamp and sliding the hose off.

Dryer vent hose and clamp connected to exterior vent

Once you disconnect the hose from the outside vent, you might want to add a connector such as the one the outside vent pipe is made of. This can be a handy means of attaching the unnecessary filtration netting or other filtration device and for extending the hose if it doesn’t quite reach into the area you would like for the heat to dispense.

Next, we find a fine netting to cover the end of the dryer vent hose with in order to filter the lint and debris and have a place to collect it. Here I’ve chosen a fine weaved kitchen utensil which I primary utilize for straining cooled oils and gravies.
mesh net kitchen strainer with raised red beads on the end as a stop

I particularly like this meshed strainer because of the red beads on the side which allow it to stop below the attachment point onto the pipe further preventing it from being blown off by the pressure of the air blowing through the vent hose.

Next, the mesh is attached to the far end away from the dryer on the dryer vent hose using a rubber band(any form of attachment can be use, i.e.,plastic ties, wired ties, clamps, etc.) Make sure that all the little red beads are positioned so that the mesh can’t be easily blown off.  Also, pull the net until it is right up against the band so that there is the maximum amount of area available for filtering.

mesh attached to the end of the dryer vent hose with a rubberband

At this point the primary process is complete. However, if laying the hose across the dryer or on the floor is insufficient, you can attach the vent hose to a clothes hanger with a swivel neck by using plastic ties.

Dryer vent hose attached to plastic clothes hanger with swivel neck to allow alignment.

In this way the vent hose can be hung on an overhead clothes rod and positioned in the direction needed for maximum use of this resource.

Have a warm and safe winter, with minimal fuel bill cost!

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  1. CD says:

    Use old pantyhose as filter.

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