In my observation, everyone, sooner or later, questions their purpose, the reason for their birth. Yet, hardly ever can they define a reason that they believe from the core of their being. Why is this? Because it is such a simple thing, yet difficult to accept and/or understand, that it is always overlooked.

My life has not been an easy one. From my first experience physical abuse at the hands of my father, through the loss of those most precious to me, through the rapes, humiliation, rejection and attempted suicides, I have been shown the truth of my existence.

Mine has not been an easy path by a long shot. It has not been laced with the protection that we believe being loved affords us. It has not known vast economic security. I has not been filled with many good friends. Yet, I am happy. In spite of, or perhaps because of my journey, I have come to understand many things. Primarily the purpose of life in this place and at this time. Granted, I often forget when I am once again being scourged by the events of my life; but I rally more quickly than ever before and soon am back on track. The scourging I receive under the lash of my life experiences are just a reminder of my purpose. It is a reminder that regardless of how things appear on the surface that there is more to this than meets the eye.

In my youth I would become totally inebriated on whatever was happening in my life. Drunk and confused on the experience I was undergoing at the time, I would get lost in the pain and suffering of the moment and had no clue why I, a gentle, loving and appreciative person, should have to endure so much. I have had mentors who insisted that a person who has suffered as much as I have had to do so in order to fulfill my great and profound mission that was which was unique to me. Horse hockey! I said vehemently! No one should ever have to hurt as much as I have! Yet over time, as my understanding grew and my eyes were open, I began to see.

At first my vision was one distorted by my pain. Than as it became more clear, blame turned into realization, than to acceptance. Those who aided in my experiences were no longer thought, bad, evil, wrong or unnecessary in the scheme of things. I begin to realize that everything was as it should be because if it were suppose to be different it would be.

Little by little I began to lose my need to be free of my suffering. I stopped holding on to the pain and started perceiving the purpose. Believe me when I say, I haven’t let it all go yet. I’m just further along the path of understanding than I ever was previously.

The thing that perplexes me most is that I can know the absolute truth, yet act as if I don’t. The human condition is a sticky wicket the least! Yet, I do know and daily, in most circumstance I try to hang on to the truth of that knowledge. Sometimes, I must admit, that I don’t think about that absolute truth until much after the fact. Sometimes I find myself thinking, that person is just ________ whatever negative assessment I have of them in the moment. Than I catch the thought and remind myself that it is fallacy. That person is only fulfilling their purpose in my life as is necessary to remind me of my ultimate purpose.

The events of our lives are merely reminders, wake up calls that present themselves in the form of the eight winds; prosperity, decline, disgrace, honor, praise, censure, suffering, and pleasure, which are the causes of emotional instability. It is in this emotional instability that we tend to make our choices, develop our understanding of ourselves, our relationships to others and our relationship to our environments. Our response to these eight are what determines our happiness or unhappiness based on our limited understanding. Those emotional responses to these 8 winds are the cause for our being beaten and bashed, swayed and pushed through our lives. It is only when we come to the realization that we are in control of our emotions that we can take a stance and with feet firmly grounded in the absolute reality that we can circumvent the disastrous circumstances that manifest due to our response.

I can’t began to tell you how my ship has been brutally beaten and torn because of my emotional responses to these. It’s been shored up and repaired in so many places I should probably rename it the good ship puzzle patch. Yet with each experience has come a reminder of my innate power to master my own mind and thereby, my destiny. Ultimately, I have witnessed my purpose and each episode and my positive response to the lessons learned has let to a life which is more happy and less stressed than I was previously.

So what is this great purpose you have probably been asking since the first paragraph of this diatribe? It is quite simple indeed. Our ultimate purpose is to maximize our spiritual potential and all the events of our lives are merely a means to do so.

With each experience, we begin to see ourselves more clearly and the things that we need to alter and adjust and to align with the laws of the universe. It is this misalignment that proves to be our downfall. It is this misalignment that always proves to be our undoing. Once we begin to realize this and than to use our corrected perspective when facing the 8 winds and respond in a way that aligns us with the universal laws we will be the captains of our ship.

When we understand that we are not to become angry or distressed, euphoric or confused by the events of our lives, but to calmly look at them little by little we realign ourselves to the universe wit the simple with the question: What am I to learn from this experience and how do I use it in my daily life?

Smooth sailing ahead!

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