Life is a Continuous Process

All around us people enter and leave our lives. Though it be through the experiences of life or death, this is a constant although it may be over a short or long period of time.

Life is a continuous process, and death only one more stage of life as all things are reborn. Nothing can end without it beginning again in some place and time as energy can neither be created or destroyed.

Be assured, that the lost of a loved one only heralds their rebirth. They have completed their purpose here in this place and time and are on to their next mission wherever it may take them. Glean what you can from the lives of the persons you have shared your life with and take those lessons as a means of furthering your own journey as that was their purpose, to bring you the tools you need to complete your mission.

When you are once again born with them in some future life, you will be able to happily report that you “got it” and did what you were suppose to do thanks to their intervention in this life.

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