It was just five days ago that encouragement was given to forget the past, live in the present and take the actions necessary for the desired future. This does not mean the past should be forgotten but utilized as the storehouse of wisdom learned from past experiences. Too often we dwell within our past for its fond memories or as the whipping post for the current circumstances which we regret. The past is to be utilized as a reference to the power and wisdom we gained in rising to meet obstacles, overcoming barriers to great personal victories and shaping and prodding destiny into the direction desired. So yes, the past needs to be revisited as often as needed to gather supplies from its storehouse of great wealth of memory to direct our life upon the course we choose in the present.
Many, who have been watching the negative insanity of the world, personal progress and forward motion has been forgotten as we dug in, shored up our environment to either maintain the status quo and/or build a more secure place in which to live. We have been scared out of our minds by the goings on of recent history.  Politicians, who do not represent the people that voted them into office and flaunt their own self interest, as do all of the economically secure, while at the same time, denying the citizens and their fellows fulfillment of the basic needs of food, shelter, medical care and clothing. Religion is being turned on its ear by the new Catholic Pope, money mongering preachers and other ministers of faith who are facing criminal charges for everything from child molestation to embezzlement of church funds; and all the time they are still demanding that tithes be paid. The rolls of the homeless are at an all time high and growing every day with no end in sight. Children are disappearing in droves, while others are graduating from schools which have not taught them to read. It is a good and important thing that haste is made to secure the personal home front, but the multitude of minor and major disasters we face there are proof that we really do not have the power to protect what we hold dear. Is security really possible within the current world circumstances while trying to maintain or enhanced our status? Is there a plan to shovel the shit that we are buried in as a species on this planet; along with our need for personal survival and comfort? Balance must be exacted as we also turn our multitudinous talents toward giving as much as we wish to receive.

In our individual pasts, we have had victories which we, family and friends, doubted that we could pull off. We dug our heels in and made the choice to accomplish our goals, and we did it, reaching every one of them! The question is did we stop doing what is necessary to bring about the change we want in our world, our environment, our personal space? So many have thrown up their hands in disgust or been wiped out by a feeling of futility. The power we have has not changed, but the way we think, has. We have accomplished our latest and greatest dream and failed to continue our forward motion in lieu of enjoying the spoils of our past. Have we sat at the counter too long, smelling the coffee? Have we been drugged by the poppies of contentment as we lingered to long in our gardens? Historically, the time of retirement and one’s latter years were the time people utilized their wealth of time, money and knowledge to give back to the community. It appears that everyone has abandoned the community and stand at a distance pointing fingers at it.

Across the social network environs, there are more complaints then can be counted regarding everything that is wrong with our world. Attitudes range from a shake of the head in distaste to blogs that condemn and point to all the presumed guilty. This reminds me of the rambunctious town hall meeting where everyone is screaming at the same time, pointing fingers and laying blame, but not one person comes up with a solution. The only difference is that instead of shrill voices, the only sound you hear is the click of the keyboard and the whirr of the cooling fan in the pc.  We have been loud, we have been heard, and we have brought about change in the past. Now it is time to reactivate our power for positive change once again and we must take the lone wolf approach in doing so. It is up to us, each and every one of us, the individual, to take action where we are, doing whatever it is we do best. Find places within the community to volunteer; schools, senior complexes, social programs; or create your own. Find solutions, or mini-solutions for the things you complain most about, which can be implemented and emulated by other communities or families to resolve some issue that you consider a problem and needs to be addressed and resolved.  Think of a way to change the negative energy of complaint into the positive energy of energy of resolution. This power is innate in all of us!
It is in our past experience that we will find the motivation and power to perform and move us along the path of resolution for present circumstances. It is utilizing this power in the present that we will change the course of individual, familial and community and world destiny. Consequently, we must awaken our internal power to draw upon the universal energy that will respond to our demands for positive change. The time for complaining and blaming is passed. It is time to stand up for what we believe and we all have a part to play in this resolution revolution.

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