If you think your god is the “one true god” than more then likely, you are honoring a false belief system and practicing something that is in an erroneous paradigm. Ask if the god you serve builds his following upon dominance, war, destruction of cultures and the environment or the taking of life in any form? If the answer to any one of these questions is “yes”, than there is something horribly wrong with your belief system.
The universe is filled with more forces then can be counted and each of these is a “god” when “god=force.” All these forces are needed to keep the universe in balance is one is being utilized more than the other, then the other side will be out of balance.
The universe has no emotional feelings are attachments to any one particular thing and everything is held in balance by everything else. Yet, human beings assign anthropomorphic (human characteristics) to its “gods” that do not exist. In other words, human beings project their human condition onto the forces of the universe and insist that these forces are making demands of them, i.e., they’re the one true god, they need sacrifices of some sort, they’re angry, they need appeasement, etc. The fact is that everything is based upon the law of cause and effect; this energy form is used by humans (thought, word, action, influence) or a chemical or biological process happens and it manifests a specific consequence or reaction. Humans charge these processes to the “gods/forces” when in fact it is the laws of the universe, such as those of physics and others, which determine the outcome of the utilization of a particular generated energy. While we are aware of many of these forces, we don’t realize or accept that they work in all things at all levels.
When we studiously observe our environment and how it works, we begin to understand the laws of nature and how they work. Furthermore, when we observe our own lives, we can see the same laws at work in our lives, in our bodies and in all micro systems. The same laws that work in the micro systems work in the macro system the same way. So what exactly does this mean?
As an example, if we look at lightening and understand what causes it and why it works the way it does and we apply those rules/laws to everything else, we can begin to understand what I mean when I say that all systems are defined by the same laws. When the sky becomes too laden with negative energy (ions) than lighting happens as the sky discharges that negative energy back to ground (the earth.) When we apply that same law to the events in our lives we can see that every time we seem to become extremely happy, something really bad happens to balance it out. The same holds true when we become extremely unhappy, some event, person or experience “saves” us from our misery. In our bodies when we develop too many negative exchanges, we have to offset them with cleansing, balancing by changing diet, etc. If we don’t then disease happens.
As you can see, the same laws that work in balancing the atmosphere also work the same in our lives and bodies. We can see this take place from the level of atom throughout the huge systems of galaxies and beyond. All laws work this way and affects all things in exactly the same way according to the properties of those laws/forces.
If you look at the life spans of insects, which have relatively short life spans; growing to adult size, reproducing then ceasing to exist you can observe the same forces in effect. The smaller the system the more rapid the changes take place, the larger the system the slower the changes take place. This is why we can see bonds forming and breaking in atoms to create all things in the universe in a short period while the galaxies take millions of light years to undergo the same processes. Everything is a duplicate of everything else on various scales and all things are connected.
We know that all things are connected because we can see evidence of this by the damage we have done to the Earth and how it is affecting our health, the extinction of many different species and the unusual weather patterns and disasters world wide. There is nothing we do that does not affect everything else and everything affects us in return. This is why we have to take individual personal responsibility through the thoughts, words, actions and influences that we generate because eventually it all comes home to roost.
Even if there is a god as some believe, that god gave us the free will and personal power to create or destroy and the only intervention that will happen must come from us to right anything that goes against a balanced and respectful existence during our time here. We are our god as we never lose that connection between our human selves and the primordial creation force and therefore should act as gods in manifesting the balance within and outside of our human bodies and the environment.

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