We have arrived! As we stand at the door of this New Year 2014, we are tempted to look back over our shoulders to all of the events of 2013. We want to remember our successes, failures, loves, losses, pains, sufferings, and 2013 New Years goals and resolutions that we failed to keep. But I say NO! Let’s not look at the year’s past events and this time let us look only toward the future!

For those of us tuned into the Universes workings, we are aware that for the first time in 19 years, New Year’s Day will start on the New Moon. The combination of the New Year and the New Moon is the energy for new beginnings. It is the Universe cosigning our fresh start and guarantee that we have the opportunity to let go of all that has come before and have a new and clean slate to chart our destiny. So, let us begin anew, without concern for what has been, focused only on our heart’s desires for our future. Let us take this present moment to chart our course.

This is not to say that we will forget our past. We must only use it as a vague reference to prevent the errors of our history; do not focus on the right or wrongness of it, but only upon the lessons we learned from it. I know many of us lost loved ones, possessions, missed opportunities and had many of our beliefs shred asunder. This was a necessity of life, paving our way to a deeper spiritual understanding of our existence. We have learned that nothing is forever, timing is vital and especially, the necessity of loving in the moment as there is no guarantee of tomorrow with those we love. Procrastination has shattered our hopes and dreams for better relationships and greater opportunities because of hesitation or fear. Let us not make this a time of mourning for things and people loss, but an opportunity to advantage of every moment to give our all and our best. Let 2014 be a year of completion for us. Let us attack the bucket list of our heartfelt desires and make all the things on it a reality.

I stopped making resolutions a number of years ago, because I found more often then not, the determination waned after only a month or two and by years end, I had moved away from the determination completely, only to find years end with a list that was still just a list of things to do. Instead, I determined to manifest the meaning and understanding of specific words or concepts into my life daily. At the beginning of 2013, I took an assessment of my happiness, what brought and what took away from my happiness. It was the idea of acceptance that seemed to be loaded with grief and unhappiness. I would not accept things as they are, therefore, these things became the fruit of unhappiness. If I did not accept a person the way they were, I became disgruntled with them; wishing that they would change or trying to control their behavior. This, of course led to many unhappy relationships. The same holds true for any event and/or circumstance that takes place within my life. Therefore, I decided to manifest the full meaning of acceptance in my life. In the process of developing this attitude of acceptance, my relationships changed and I became capable of adjusting my perception of circumstances so that they no longer came with an attachment to them being any different than what they were.

The ensuing result is that through acceptance, I learned to recognize them without attachment to a feeling about them and was able to change my behavior to prevent future episodes of the exact same events.

In 2014, the word I have chosen is completion. This is the opposite of procrastination. I have many projects that I have started and none that I have finished because of widely scattered energy over many different things that I choose to accomplish. While not exactly procrastination, it lends to procrastination as I move from one project to another, failing to complete any one thing. While reviewing the list of projects that are open at any given time, I realized that completion is slow in coming to any project because there are so many of them. Hence, in 2014, I have determined that completion of each is the dominating energy I must manifest in order to accomplish my goals. While each project is a worthy one, none are beneficial because none have been completed entirely. Every idea has a shelf life; a time when it is of maximum benefit to the recipients of its concepts and if we fail to do them in a timely manner, the Universe replaces us with others who will accomplish what is needed. We must strike while the iron is hot.

So, in 2014, let us take our ideas, create plans that will accomplish our goals and forge ahead with robust energy in the present and toward the future. Let us not expend energy looking over our shoulders at what might have been and utilize this energy in forward motion. I wish you all a very happy, productive, healthful and positive New Year! Let us forge ahead now!

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