To use the phrase of one of my favorite artist of 2013, JahSun of Faristudios, “GRATITUDE IS MY ONLY ATTITUDE!” I have started this New Year 2014 with two words in mind, gratitude and completion. Leaping from the starting gate of this New Year with the same speed and enthusiasm as any winning thoroughbred, I’m determined to maintain an attitude of appreciation and victory in completing the mission I have chosen for myself and have been designed for by the Universe.

It is easy to regret and lament our situations. We think upon what we should have, could have, and might have done differently, without fully realizing that things needed to be exactly as they were in order to have the experiences we needed to be honed into the person we need to be to accomplish what must be accomplished by each of us as the unique individuals that we are. We are here in this time, space and continuum to maximize our individual spiritual potential and have contracted to do so by learning from our experiences and teaching others what we have learned, as well. The first step in accomplishing this goal is a constant attitude of gratitude, because without this, it is so easy to become loss in the experience of the human condition. The idea and action of gratitude keeps us solidly anchored in our spiritual selves allowing us to sustain fortitude and a positive state of mind.

Our minds are the part of us that keep our manifested body connected to our spiritual selves and when an attitude of appreciation is not constant, we find ourselves mired in the negativity of our human condition.  Our perceptions become warped and unbalanced and rather than appreciation for our sojourn through this life, we regret our lives, begrudge our good works and opt for selfish, self centered existences. Random acts of kindness fail to manifest as we fervently struggle to change the things that we must learn to accept as part and parcel of our ultimate goal of sharing and spreading love within ourselves and to everything in existence. We glorify things that should not be held in esteem and attach our emotions to possessions in the form of people, places and things rule our lives until there is no love left in us. The only way to circumvent this is through appreciation; sincere gratitude for all things negative and positive.
The mission we have chosen for ourselves is that of loving entities and only by fulfilling this mission in every aspect of our lives will we show great victories at the end of our lives. The measure of our lives is how well we love. It is not about altering ourselves to become objects of love by others, but that we manifest the love within which will, in turn, attract the love of others. It is not a place where we measure what we do for others as opposed to what they do for us; but one of how much and how often we can express loving behavior towards all. This, of course, starts with the understanding that we are love and that everything is worthy of our love.
When we sit in a seat of judgment, determining who is and who is not worthy of our loving, it is a failure to find a heart filled with gratitude. For it is in the appreciation of us and others that unconditional love is found. The general misconception that one must be worthy in order to be loved is the crumbling foundation which has manifested in the cruelty and distortions of life. We must return to the pure heart of loving that we were born to as we were when we were children. It is in this innocence, uncorrupted by life experience and faulty perceptions about those experiences which have changed us into creatures less capable of love than we were born with. We must peel off the layers of erroneous perceptions that keep us insulated from our ability to love freely.

With these thoughts in mind, let us begin the 2014 New Year with attitudes of gratitude and a desire to complete our mission as loving beings, peeling away conditions that are unhealthy to a loving heart. Happy New Year!

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