Some time ago, while praying (in my case chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo) about the same thing for the billionth time, it dawned on me that somehow this just didn’t feel right. I was praying with a shopping list of things I wanted to see manifest in my life from the good health, well-being and peace for everyone in the world, to open the creative avenues within my mind.

At this time, I was watching many of my online friends and others going through so many things in their lives and was praying incessantly for them as well. I was feeling very frustrated as there did not seem to be enough hours in the day to chant about all the things, which concern me. With this in mind I asked for guidance and wisdom to maximize my prayers in a way that was best for me and covered the most ground.

In a short period of time, one of my time-wasting errors was pointed out to me with a simple question that came to mind:

If you have absolute confidence and doubt free faith, why are you repeating the same prayers?

Needless to say, I was totally taken aback! I thought about and explored this question and realized that this habit was based upon what I had been erroneously taught; alternatively, perhaps, I misunderstood. Throughout my life, with obstinate determination, I would beat, push, cajole, manipulate, and many other types of efforts to push my goals into being. Of course, this has nothing to do with praying, which I had no idea of until this moment.

The thing I know is true without a doubt is that the moment my heart, mind or spirit has a desire, that this longing becomes my prayer. I stay so prayed up (in the words of my Christian friends) that all I have to do is think something, and it is done. This being the case, I wondered, why am I acting like a nagging child about my prayers/desires? If my faith is as strong as I believe it is, if I have no doubt in the power of my prayer and the force that I pray with, then, in essence, that prayer only needs a na no-second of my attention. On the other hand, if I am in a doubting frame of mind, I’m not really praying for my prayers to be answered with all of this repetition, but for me to believe that they will be.

I remember a time when, due to my inability to see all the workings of the universe at any given point in time. I asked one of my Buddhist mentors, Judy O., how did I know my prayers were reaching the places they needed to go? Judy looked at me and said,
“Tracey, look at the sky,” which I did as she continued.
“Do you see how farMore… Repeated Word the sky goes?” I responded with a nod, and a mumble, and with this she emphatically finished,
“Your prayers reach as farMore… Repeated Word as the sky and beyond.”
In the childlike way I usually respond to most things, I was in awe! How could I not have known this? As usual, I knew the words were true because of the immediate cleansing and releasing effect it had upon me. I never wondered if my prayers found their destination after this.

In a like way, when we are praying with a power (to a power for those who think the power lies outside of themselves) that is unquestionable in responding positively to us, then there should be no doubt that our prayers are always answered. In fact, the moment our prayer is uttered the answer is already done. We just have to be patient enough to wait until everything is in alignment for it to manifest itself. This also means that we don’t have totheto the same prayer over and over because it’s already done. Our confidence determines how fast it manifest. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to put that as soon as possible onto the end of each prayer because after all, there is no time where prayers go, and it can take many human lifetimes or only moments for a prayer to be answered.

With this understanding, I stopped using my prayer shopping list and renamed it my Hit List. My friends thought it was hilarious when they asked for prayers or told me of a problem which I intended to pray about and told them that they didn’t have to worry because they were on my Hit List. I still maintain a hit list that is constantly added to as day to day events determine they need to be placed on my list. I only put that person’s name, problem, goal, event, etc. on my list one time, because from that moment on, we are connected and every prayer is an offering to their lives as it is to my own.

My friends and associates also think I’m being arrogant when I tell them, Don’t worry, I already got you or something of that nature. However, this is not arrogance. This is absolute confidence in a doubt-free prayer on their behalf.

Now I have more than enough time to pray for all the things that grab my focus daily. I am as sure of it as I am that I am sitting here writing this now.More… Repeated Word Absolute confidence means no reruns in my prayers with doubt-free faith!

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