If we believe it, than it is so!

I’ve dealt with a number of people that have false or distorted memories of events in which I participated. I keep a journal so I can always go back and verify that I am not the one who has the distorted or false memory. I have gotten angry, argued, tried to convince these people of the inaccuracy of their memories, to no avail.

I was thinking of this one day and I realized that I’ll never have the ability to convince them otherwise, because it is their belief! Taking this a step further, I analyzed our behavior regarding our belief systems and realized that regardless of the objective reality, the facts of the situation, if we believe something that is the end of it.

World wars, community and social strife are all based upon belief systems. If someone else’s belief is not in agreement with our own, our first effort is to convince them of the error of their belief. Failing this, we become angry and fail to understand that their belief is as valid as our own since few of us seldom have actual proof of our beliefs. Even when the facts are placed before us we tend to put a subjective spin upon them so that they will fit into our core belief system. This being the case, many of our concepts are based upon erroneous foundations. When we can’t prove the validity of our beliefs we resort to egotistical responses which have nothing to do with objective facts or truths.

In a like way, our internal perceptions of ourselves are also based upon belief systems. If we believe ourselves incapable of something, than we fail each time we attempt it. When we decide to step outside of our belief system and use the reverse belief and we are successful at that endeavour, than our belief system is changed to include our ability to do that particular thing.

As an example of this; when I was learning to drive 18 wheeler backing was one of the most difficult task I had to learn. No matter how hard I tried, I never could quite qet it right. After a number of times of trying to do this, I began a litany of, “I can’t do this,” out loud, yet I continued to try. My instructor asked me why was I saying that and stated that as long as I thought I couldn’t I would not be capable of backing the truck correctly. Now this might be true for some, but for me it has the opposite effect. The words I was saying weren’t my words, they were the words of all the voices I had heard throughout my life and I was merely parroting them.

I’m extremely obstinant by nature and to tell me I can’t do a thing is tantamont to telling me I can be the best at doing it. The majority of my victories have been cheered on by those saying, “You can’t do this,” because of this or that limitation.

I purchased a cup of coffee for my instructor and asked him to get out of the truck while I did what I had to do. It took me two hours, but by the end of the session, I was backing like a professional. I had conqured by limitation by analyzing the process and understanding why I had difficulty, placed new perceptions into place and conqured the task. I won’t go into detail about the perceptions about the vehicle and how it functioned to accomplish this, but basically the clarity of understanding of what I had to do, how I had to go about it in order to accomplish it, made it possible. My primary foundation of belief is that I can do anything I have the desire and motivation to do and the voices of “you can’t” are the fuel that gets me there.

Most of us become discouraged by the naysayers. Their negative vocalizations are an antithesis to accomplishing what we desire to accomplish. Their words errode our motivation and slowly, our desire to accomplish our goals. However, if we understand that their words are merely fuel for change and stoke the desire to feed the motivation, than anything is possible. However, the moment that we think they might be right, is the beginning of the errosion of our goals.

If we believe ourselves to not be a thing or have the capacity for it, than we can’t see the victory we desire. If we hang on passionately to our belief systems as our egos demand that we do, we will not realize victory. If we don’t allow ourselves to be open and accepting of new information, which may sometimes prove us erroneous in our foundation of belief, we will not be able to step outside of the box of that belief system. Just imagine what might have happened if people like Gallilleo and others who went against everything that everyone in the world already believed as fact, had not gone against the tide of majority opinion. In belief systems, our opinion is that majority opinion and sometimes we have to go against what we belief in order to find the objective reality of a concept that we might adjust our perception and become greater than we might have been.

When we explore those beliefs that keep us in a place that we no longer want to be; when we allow ourselves to accept new information and use it to adjust our perceptions and belief systems, than we can know not only victory, but fulfillment as well. It is up to each of us to open, accept and use information that helps us to develop the tools to be all that we are intended to be. In this way we become aware of our unique abilities as individuals to add to the growth and care of all.

In hanging on to antiquated or erroneous belief systems, the opposite happens. We become stagnant, our uniqueness never develops and we fail in our ability to bring about necessary change.

Each morning I renew my vow to be open, accepting and flexible in my relationship with the world and all in it. This does not mean that I compromise my entire foundation of belief, only that I make adjustments where warranted. In this way I keep my belief systems open, flexible and current with the situations I undertake and the goals I set for myself. It allows me to be alert and aware of the areas that need changing and have the ability to bring about that change. Sometiems this process takes a moment, sometimes a decade, the key is to never stop reaching for the stars.

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