I’m sure that anyone who has ever purchased tires for a car is aware that in order to get proper wear out of a new set of tires your car has to be aligned in different aspects in order to get the maximum mileage from our tires, otherwise, you get irregular wear and tear and have to replace tires more often than need be.

The alignment of a tire is that basic process of getting all of the tires, the car frame and steering in precise order so that one is not fighting the other in misalignment. In other words, the different parts are “tuned” to work in unison with each other for the maximum benefit.

In a sense, our thought, words, emotions and actions are very much like the 4 tires on a car. If any one of them is out of alignment, than the maximum benefit (happiness and well being) will not be forthcoming. In other words, if every aspect is not “tuned” to working with every other aspect, than you are not going to have your goals and desires fulfilled.

Often, we may have a goal, the ultimate one being our happiness, yet we think, say, feel and do things in opposition to what our primary objective is. We will say, “I want a house, car, romantic involvement, etc” yet place the 4 components in opposition of each other and than cannot understand why we are not meeting our objective.

A perfectly silly example of this is my desire to have hair as long as my mother’s was in her youth. It was knee length and straight. Upon a betrayal by my father, my mother cut her hair and never let it grow again. This is a different story. My hair is slow growing and not the same texture as my moms. Beyond this, I hated having my hair combed and did everything in my power to avoid combing it, still do, as I am extremely tender-headed. This of course led to my not taking care of my hair in a way that would allow its growth.

I finally determined that I was never going to have long hair, and this was justified by no and/or minimal body hair. To continue the process, I always did things to prevent the hair from growing; inappropriate hair treatments of every sort, and cutting it at least 2-3 times a year to a length of 1/8 of an inch and bald a couple of times (got pics to prove it). I further took great pride in the shortness of my hair and wore it naturally.

Recently I was thinking about this process of alignment of the units to insure a working whole. Strangely, the hair thing came to mind. I meditated on my process regarding desire for long hair and insuring short hair through my system of belief, the words that justified this system, the actions that resulted in cutting my hair bi-annually and the like. Yet, in the deep recesses of my mind, there was still the desire for longer hair as I often bought add on hair pieces of mid back length: actual proof of the desire for longer hair.

As I rambled around in my mind examining this misalignment, than further, became aware of this same misalignment in many other aspects of my life, it dawned upon me how out of sync I am with my desires/goals. I immediately stopped doing the things of baldness and aligned desire with thought, word, emotion and action and began the process of growing hair. I further applied this alignment process to other aspects and noticed that the direction toward my goals was clearer and had begun to take shape as I had desired for many years, yet constantly undermined these through one or more of the aspects of thought, word, action and emotion being out of alignment. As a result of my misalignment, I was forever procrastinating and goals of 50 yrs had never been accomplished. I always started great things, never finished them due to this misalignment.

I have begun a JOURNAL OF MY DESIRES each listed individually with headings for each aspect of the aspects of my life which need to be in alignment in order to insure victory. It, of course, is a place to evaluate myself, sort of like the test meters on the car and tires to check how in or out of alignment they are, and gives me the opportunity to see where I need to be applying balance or counter-measures in order to keep my pointed in the direction that a particular goal requires.

All in all, in order to accomplish a goal/desire, my thoughts, words, actions and emotions have to be fully aligned toward the desired goal. Previously they had been like the parable of the two donkeys and the hay cart:

A man was asked to move a hay cart. He placed one of his donkey at one end and the other at the other end, and no matter how hard he tried he could not get the hay cart to move. He beat the poor donkeys almost senseless in his efforts and the donkeys became wounded and tired until they could pull no more.

Another man came along and observed the situation for awhile and than he said: ” My good fellow, perhaps if you place the donkeys, both on one end or another of the cart, you might see a different result.

The man who owned the donkeys thought, “well I’m not getting anywhere’s anyway, so maybe I should try this suggestion. So he unhitched one of the donkeys, placed it on the other end of the cart along side of the other donkey and yelled for the donkeys to pull. To his surprise, the cart began moving in the direction that he had tried for hours to get the donkeys to pull it.

In a like way, we have our donkeys of thought, word, action and emotion all pulling in a different direction and the hay cart of our goals/desires, never budges or reaches the destination that we desire for it to. It is only when we align all of these to pull in the same direction that we are victorious in the attainment of our goal/desires.

So my friends, move your donkeys to point in the direction of your goals and your hay cart and your donkeys will reach their destination soundly and victoriously.

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