About Tracey

So you want to know what makes Tracey tick?  I guess that would be the cyclical power of learning and teaching. As far back as I can remember, I have had the desire to teach. As a child I thought that would be as a teacher in the educational system when I grew up; but once I had grown up and found out how restricted teachers are in the process, I chose a path of a different direction, or so I thought.

It seems that I am one of those people with the flashing neon light on her forehead which boldly states: TELL ME YOUR LIFE! Every where I have gone, everything that I do, seems to place some person in my path who needs me to give them something of my experience in life, and that experience is vast and eclectic.

On the Path to Understanding is the birthing of all my experiences along the path of my journey. I have been a “helper” for my entire life and I consider myself a helper as opposed to a caretaker because I don’t want to take care of anyone, I merely want to give them what I have for them to assist them in their journey.

It seems that the spirit of people cry out to me. Sometimes I’m on the internet in one of the social venues; I’ll be dead tired, wondering, “why don’t I just go to bed?” But, for some reason I resist that urge, only to have someone contact me online and I can “feel” that this person is why I couldn’t leave. Upon talking to them for a few moments, the distress they are in is overwhelming and by the time we finish talking, most say that I have shared exactly what they needed and I should write a book.

The thing about the book, is that because it is based on my journey, my personal experiences in life, it is constantly morphing as I learn more and perceptions change. The book is a living entity and therefore hard to pin down. So On the Path to Understanding is born. It is a living entity which will change as I change, it is a place to share and hope make available to all, the information which I have garnered through experience, observation and assessment of my experiences and that you will share what you have learned.

It is my belief that we are all connected to each other and all things, sentient and insentient and that the rules governing one governs all. Therefore, what I learn is pertinent to everyone and everything, and everything that you learn is also pertinent to me. There is an axiom that I use often to remind myself that we aren’t always on the same page: Apple, peach, pear and plum, everything blossoms in its on time. But sometimes we need a little fertilizer; that is, we need something outside of ourselves to stoke the fires of change on the inside.

With this in mind, I hope that On the Path to Understanding provides many of you with the fertilizer you need for your growth. Peace and absolute happiness to you all.

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