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On the Path to Understanding

April 15, 2013


While communing with friends today regarding the Boston Marathon disaster, I was in awe of how many people have selective compassion. Selective compassion means you only have compassion for the people you want to have compassion for; those you choose by their falling under the umbrella of your belief system.

Now I’m no angel of mercy, but it seems to me, like love, either you have the capacity for it or you don’t. And if you just happen to have the ability to feel compassion, then it zooms out to encompass everyone, good, bad, positive, negative, evil or angelic.

The reason that I believe this is so is that compassion is the “god” (label it anything you want to) spirit which is in all of us and permeates the universe. Even the most wicked person has it simply because they have life and life is that “god” force within. This being the case, how can we not have compassion for all beings, sentient and insentient?

I perfectly understand that we live in a world that does not teach this, nor one that allows us to feel it since our belief systems are shaped from so many different experiences of choice and indoctrination. I also belief that this is why we have people in the world who are so quick to harm others by thought, word and action, because we have not be taught that we are not separate entities as our singular body mass deludes us into believing, thereby making it easier for us to harm others and have selective compassion.

I’m no different from most of us, I have had to learn to be non-selective in my love and compassion because my life experiences have made me fearful of feeling those things freely. I had to learn that by encasing myself in all of these fears and responding based upon these fears was not conducive to reaching my maximum spiritual potential. So I hope that we all learn to shed our fears as though peeling the layers of an onion until we find the pure spirit of the true self which was designed to give and receive compassion and love without condition.

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