The trickleup effect is an economic theory used to describe the flow of wealth from the poor to the affluent; it is opposite to the trickle-down effect.- Wikipedia

Tracey Lin Miller


On the Path to Understanding

December 14, 2012


During the 2012 Presidential election, while watching a debate, when M. Romney said, “…trickle down government,” my head screamed at me, “There is no such thing as trickle down government, it is trickle up!” While thinking about this bit of information, I accepted it as fact.

More often then not, we’re deluded into believing whatever the media and our illustrious government determine we should believe, however, there is always the head to keep us on track, as mind did in that moment. Sadly, rarely do we listen to our head simply because we’ve been programmed to not listen. This is why such phrases as trickle up effect and others are coined, because they are seductive to our logic and reason and prevent us from looking more closely at the things we should examine in an analytical manner.

In the case of the trickle down effect, it woes and winds our logical side simple because the word trickle brings to mind a liquid drip, inviting the commonality of water or rain and the property of most liquids. The thing we know about liquids is that it always follows a gravitational pull downward. Therefore, our expectation and conditioned perception lends to the fact that liquids always trickle in a downward direction. Hence, the wooing and winning of our psyche is complete, which leads to the base assumption that the beneficent government, like rain, pours down upon us generously. Unfortunately, nothing can be further from the truth.

In an objective world, we would perceive the truth of the situation; everything trickles upward to the governmental sources of the perceived benevolence (or in line with Romney’s intention – a negative aspect of government control) in the form of entitlement programs and legislation. This concept of the trickle down effect has also been utilized to indicate big business and other hoarders of resources as benevolent in supplying the general populace with some imaginary benefit. The fact is that everything in government and business comes from taxation, purchases and donations. In other words, the workers, consumers and philanthropist are the source of all things economic. Yet, we’re led to believe that it is government and big business that trickle down their resources upon us – the undeserving, entitlement grabbing citizens. If we focus on the facts, rather then the hype, we would begin to get an inkling of how powerful we are as a group.

It has often been said that knowledge is power, with which I agree, however, when the knowledge is distorted, manipulated and controlled by those who want to generate a particular response to a given set of circumstances and events, then we end up in the exact frame of mind that they desire from us when we make decisions and develop understanding based upon flawed information. In other words, we cannot make viable informed decisions when the information is manipulated away from objective fact and toward the skewed and often, confused and biased perceptions generated by those with a specific agenda that is not geared for an independent and analytical response. We, in effect, become mental puppets of neuro-linquistic programming by mass media.

Neuro-linquistic programming is a scientific study and utilization of words and methods which dominate and program the psyche for a specific response. This field of study, like everything else, has a positive and negative aspect. It is being widely used to assist clients in the positive maximization of their potential. However, the off side of this is that it is also being used by unscrupulous individuals and organizations in sales, mass media, governmental agencies and other groups to promote their agenda, both harmfully and helpfully without our knowledge. Conscious consent is not necessary for this process to have the desired effect.

Neuro-linquistic programming is a subliminal attack upon the brain processes in order to fix a desired response. On the positive side it can eliminate negative compulsions and additions. On the negative side, it can program specific behavioral responses that are not in the best interest of the programmed. In this case specifically, the delusion of the masses to accept unhealthy, adverse behavior from those in power. Given this understanding, I would say that the only thing trickling down is control mechanisms to forward the agendas of those who are and want to continue in power and keep the masses deluded, beguiled and agreeing to whatever it is they decide to trickle into our minds.

Think about this. Why is it that we’re so quick to believe those conspiracy theorists are always paranoid and/or deluded? Do you remember the big push during the George W. Bush administration to push the Patriot Act into existence? Remember the terrorist meter in the media each day showing the colors that indicated the possibility of a terrorist attack? What do you think the reason was for this?

In my opinion it was to keep the feeling of fear at its maximum limit each day in order to have us form a mindset that aligned with the agenda of those sponsoring the Patriot Act. In our seething panic of realization that there was no where to run, we only had the government to protect us and how could they do that if we did not allow the Patriot Act to be put into law. Now, thanks to this shrewd plan and giving those who want to misuse it an instrument whereby they can knock on any of our doors and state we are terrorist, and we have no legal recourse. Any one of us and our families can be disappeared, railroaded simply by some authoritarian arm of the government stating that we are involved in terrorist activity. There is a lot of trickle down effect going on, but little of it is benevolent.

The irony of it is, we have the power to change these and other governmental and big businesses misuse of the law, and we do have the power, if we utilize it. We can reverse any law; revoke any person who is not working for the common good of the citizenry by taking appropriate and legal action against them. This can only happen once we become aware of the power for change available to all of us. Knowledge is power, but we must consider the source of the knowledge we are gathering. We must take appropriate action on a personal level to minimize the effects of the on-going brainwashing that is taking place daily.

So what can we do about it? I would suggest minimizing all mass media sources and utilizing methods that can be researched objectively. Analyze with great scrutiny any information and find alternative resources for the same information and find the objective facts in each case. Teach your children to analyze and question everything effectively and find trustworthy resources that they can find the facts for themselves. We must utilize the trickle up effect to change the climate of business and politics to once again return to a place of the greatest integrity.

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