On The Path To Understanding

Mission Statement:

It is our mission to provide a place to share knowledge and the experiences which shaped that knowledge with an opportunity for individuals to learn and teach each other and thereby broaden our viewpoints, which might promote emotional and spiritual health, raise levels of compassion and thus help to bring about a more harmonious world.

On The Path

Often as we journey through life, we find ourselves mired in a fog of doubt and confusion. Sometimes the choice of direction is difficult, but regardless of the choice, we are firmly entrenched upon our paths. We all have the potential for magnificent lives and great contribution when we understand our purpose, innate power and appreciation for all things.

Often we are filled with thoughts of what should have, might have, or could have been, if we had only chosen a different direction at the crossroads that brought us to this place. However, even at the moment of doubt, we are doing what needs to be done to build that bridge that will take us across this sea of suffering to enlightened understanding.

We will find distractions of every sort, but they, too are part of the journey.Their purpose is to strengthen us and help us to develop firm determination.

We sometimes feel weak, ineffectual in our lives, even if only for a moment. But hear me and KNOW this! Before birth, YOU chose this path. YOU promised to walk it strong, straight and true in order to teach others and lead them to a new and glorious day filled with light, hope and determination for a brighter more beautiful future! That’s right — YOU — by living your life to its maximum potential at all times!

Remember, you never know who is watching you, who is listening to your words, or is following in your footsteps. We are all joined at the One Source of beginningless time and everything we do has a strong and determining effect on everything else!

The questions you should ask yourself are: Are you maximizing your potential or just adrift on the sea of life.

Are you a piece of flotsam, a victim of your life experiences, and prisoner to the negative forces that reside in all of us?

Or have you harnessed that negativity and use it as an impetus for the great positive flow of energy through your life?


If you don’t have the answers, or have doubts, perhaps some of what is shared here might help to make your journey a little easier. If you do have the answers, I hope you share that information freely and comfortably.

Thank you, you are greatly appreciated.

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